Knockout Punch to Mental Illness - WHMR

Knockout Punch to Mental Illness - WHMR

From Deanna Stephens

We need to purchase property, set-up operational expenses, and provide integrative care to those who are suffering from mental illness but cannot afford to get the best help that they need to live an abundant life.

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While attending the University of Virginia and after spending the summer in a rented home with a few of his friends, my son was not the same.   Instead of being his usual active, helpful, productive, and studious self, he began to prefer staying in his dorm room with only a blue light bulb.  Communication became more and more diminished and his grades came crashing down.  While doctors were compassionate, the appointments became nothing more than new prescription appointments with each one making him more and more withdrawn, exhausted, or extremely agitated, even rageful at times.   We knew that these medications were not the answer for him.  Going to specialist after specialist proved to be almost always fruitless, never giving him the answer for the deep, debilitating depression and anxiety that had consumed his life.  It began to drain our family's financial resources especially after he was no longer covered by insurance.   Continuing to search, I came across an integrative doctor practicing medicine in Australia.  I sent him an email explaining what my son was experiencing and that is when he very kindly and quickly responded with information regarding integrative health doctors here in the United States.  They helped my son get to the root of the debilitating depression and anxiety - the house he rented with his friends was mold-infested in the basement and the mold had gotten into the air ducts.  He and the other students had been breathing in mold and the mold was more than likely on the belongings that he moved back into his dorm apartment room.  His body was having an extremely adverse reaction to mold exposure.  This was the root of his debilitating depression and anxiety.  Detoxification, vitamin, and mineral replenishment was what his body needed and not the psychotropic drugs.

I am a counselor and walking through my son's journey with him caused me to change how I helped others.  I began to research and to connect myself, one way or another, with integrative health doctors.   I was disheartened by hearing story after story of people who were fighting a mental illness with prescription drugs that were not right for their individual situation or of people that were off of their prescribed medications and were self-medicating with over-the-counter or street drugs because the root cause of their mental health problems were not being properly addressed.  Then there is the group of people who do not have the financial resources to access the right help for them to overcome the mental illness they are fighting.  Lastly, are the group of people who do not have access to the right living environment that would be conducive to their healing journey.  

This is why Whole Heart Mission Retreat would like to step in...

What I have learned is that there are better, easier, and quicker modalities available for many people fighting certain mental illnesses to have access to an abundant life.   We want to be a big part of the mental health crisis solution and we want to help create a mental wellness revolution, especially for those unable to afford the right treatment.

We are literally starting from scratch and we have made good solid connections with integrative health professionals who are impressed with what we will be doing to give a knock-out punch to mental illness.  The money raised will be going directly to help those in need for a 4 Day, 7 Day, or 30 Day stay for a comprehensive program according to their condition and individual needs.  Funding will cover program costs for each individual, operational costs (purchase of property and facilities, staffing, treatment*, equipment and supplies, meals, utilities, insurance, legal fees, and taxes).  This comprehensive program will utilize proven available integrative modalities that may not be generally used to help those most vulnerable to mental illness and who lack the proper resources to access what they need to be well.  

Most residential programs can cost roughly about $1,442 per day with a 20-30 day program stay.  We do not believe that someone in need should have such a financial burden placed on their family just to be well.  Our goal is to have an excellent, life-changing, and whole-person advance retreat and to not turn anyone away due to a lack of financial resources.  

Will you help us give mental illness one of the hardest knock-out punches ever?

*Treatment may include paying for a visit to one of The Amen Clinics for brain spect imaging.  When deemed necessary by our medical director and after they are confirmed to be in need financially.

**WHMR is a branch of Whole Heart Believer Ministries.  When you make your donation you will see Whole Heart Believer Ministries.+-

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