Kittens on the M.O.V.E.

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Kittens on the M.O.V.E.

From Ann Tillage

With the new administration, the dedicated faculty and increased enrollment we are poised to become the premier learning environment but we need the support of the Kitten family.

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UPDATE~Projects 1 & 2 are COMPLETED!! Thank you.

The Kittens on the M.O.V.E Campaign is on a MISSION to bring OPPORTUNITIES with the VISION to EMPOWER the next generation.

Since 1922, Southern University Laboratory School graduates have gone on to become some of the most successful and influential African Americans throughout our nation.  It is imperative that we build from those successes to continue the legacy of caring and developing the future leaders of our country.

There are challenges that students are faced with during this time of statewide transition and thus a need for community outreach.

With the new administration, the dedicated faculty and increased enrollment we are poised to become the premier learning environment in Baton Rouge, LA but we need the support of the entire Kitten family to ensure the school and resources are ready to enter the new millennium. Our immediate needs are for increased teacher support, a student work lounge, and foreign languages for Elementary, technology integration – laptops/tablets, science equipment and much more.

Your support will assist in making our community exceptional.  Acknowledgement of your support will be through the SU Lab Portal, permanent fixtures (plaques on campus) newsletters and events.

To view projects in progress visit the SU Lab Portal: 129 Swan Street  Baton Rouge, LA 70813

Project One Purchase Teacher Gift Cards - DONE!!

Gift Cards for use to enhance classroom set-up and supplies, manipulatives and supporting resources.

  • Each classroom teacher can benefit from a $50 gift card to School Aids or Office Depot.  Often times teachers spend their own money to get things for the classroom and other times they just go without, which in turn effects instruction.

Project Two Student Work Room -  DONE!!

Homework/study area for projects, reports and course work.

  • Printer with USB drive capability-320.00 - Laser Jet ProMD401dne Printer
  • Supply Caddy-200.00 - staplers, pens, pencils, scissors, paper, poster boards
  • Furniture-400.00 - desk, chairs, bookshelf, inspirations posters, H20 dispenser, rugs and student artwork

Project Three Technology

Enhance outreach and productivity via smart tablets and electronic learning assistants.

First Technology Initiative

  • Launch pilot program-Two Mobile Labs per Class Segment = 10,000 - Elementary, Middle School & High School
  • Elmo Projectors-100.00 / 15 total = 1500.00
  • Classroom printers-New curriculum will require teachers to print certain items-320.00 / 15 total = 4800.00
  • Smart Boards
  • New & repairs to the current boards-2500.00 / 5 plus repairs approximately 2000.00 = 14,500.00
  • Activ-Boards ~ companion with Smart Boards to increase student engagement-900.00 / 6 total = 5400.00
  • Instructional Items: Math Manipulatives 1250.00, Science Equipment (Biology and Chemistry) 2000.00

Project Four Campus Grounds


  • Rain equipment – umbrellas, ponchos, shoe guards = 150.00
  • Walkie Talkie – communication for safer exits = 160.00
  • Paved parking lot – smoother transition for cars and pedestrians = 4.50 per square foot


  • New Public Announcement System = 600.00

Physical Activities – Health/Wellness

  • New Playground = 10,000

Major Project 1:1 technology

 Full Integration of school with tablets/laptops at 1:1 ratio of student body

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