Kid's Take...The World As We Know it!

Kid's Take...The World As We Know it!

From Kid's Take

A feature length film called "Kid's Take...The World As We Know It". A film that helps keep the violence of the world in perspective by seeing the value of cultivating a kinder heart and taking action.

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Kid's Take...The World As We Know It

The film is a culmination of a group of kid's working together as writers, directors and actors. They have all written short films that will be interwoven together through a common thread their voice and "The Useless News". The Kids speak out about social facts of life and world conditions that occupy their life. This film melds a fun, deep and insightful perspective about the more serious issues of the day: bullying, terrorism, nuclear war, low-self worth, racism and climate extremes. 

Imagine a normal kid... and put him in front of an enormous screen showing all the atrocities of the day in fast motion... what does that kid do as he absorbs all that garbage?... He acts out and rebels, he runs around hooting, howling and making jokes. He pulls pranks and imagines another kind of world, a world as he knows it, a world that he can deal with and navigate freely. A world he will eventually hope to inherit.

We are producing a new film called, Kid's Take!... The World As We Know It. Although, it doesn't solve all the worlds problems it does shed a unique perspective on how to managed the overload of atrocities beamed into the brain trough all the different media streams. 

This serious, sometimes wacky film offers up and shows a way to escape the stresses of the day and invites everyone to escape through our lead character Bennet, a fun loving, out going kid with a unique ability to shed a humorous light on absolutely anything and in this film he sheds a light on terrorism, bullying, racism the destruction of the planet. And by a "light" is to say, not making fun of, but by redirecting our attention to what is here and now, as he sees it. Through a News program he produces he takes us on a ride through a day in the life of Bennet. 

He sets up the ensuing circumstances through interviews and reporting on unfolding events. His charisma and perspective provide the narrative that weaves these very personal stories together that impact all of our lives. Collectively, these stories offer possible insights on how to break free of these historic patterns.  

The importance of sharing these outlooks is the intrinsic value in seeing the world through a different lens. This movie invites all of us to approach these personal and world events differently. Potentially seeing the value of cultivating a kinder heart, levity, taking action and exercising the power of choice.

In order to make this possible, we need to raise the production budget to produce this film. The net result will create this film that will be the first of many films produced and conversations started by the Fighting Chance Film Education Program. 

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Here is what the kid's have to say about their work:

"Hasty Judgement :  A young ladies inner battle to be accepted." -Kelly DeGeare

"Vigilante: A man takes the law into his own hands and pays the price."-Steve Portoles

"Off the Court: An unexpected hero brings hope to a discouraged student."- Joseph Portoles 

"Power Play- A High School Teen gets a taste of the Real World!" -Steve Portoles

"Spilt Milk: Two Teens Rise When Terror Strikes" - Amelie Nail

Staring:  Bennet Creighton - Matthew Creighton - Kelly DeGeare - Caeden Kelly - Amelie Nail - Joseph Portoles - Steve Portoles - Steven Portoles - Kainan Simonds - Dana Stenzel - Erin Stenzel 

Produced by OmToro Productions, Fighting Chance Charitable Corporation and Thomas Ardavany

The money raised for this film will cover our production and post-production film costs with a budget for promotion and distribution of the film. 

If you would like an itemized budget sent to you, please email  

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