Kids Rhyming Bible Story Books Drawn & Colored

Kids Rhyming Bible Story Books Drawn & Colored

From Daniel Cramton

Blessings in Jesus name. I am working on an ongoing series of kids books that are rhyming Bible stories with Epic artwork and Vibrant colors. It costs about 450$/pg and every book is over 25 pages. 8 are copywritten...

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Blessings to you from Christ our Lord and Savior. I am working on an on going series of Christian children's books that are in a rhyming style (see below) with epic graphics and vibrant colors to capture the hearts and minds of both listeners and readers.

8 stories are copywritten. 4 stories have the black and white line art already. And 2 pages of the first book have now been colored.  It costs about 450$ per page to have one artist in Malta draw it and make all the revisions I request changed, Sometimes 5-10 revisions on a single page to get it looking the way God has put it in my heart. After line drawn it goes to another artist from London to get photoshop colored. Each book has about 25-40 pages that need to be done. 

I started this during Covid and never imagined how slow the process would be not only through revisions, but because it costs so much just to bring it to light.  I have so much more to share, the artists can handle more work and I would love your support in the ongoing venture of bringing quality reading materials into the homes of millions of Christians.  I have just gotten a domain and will be setting it up as well in the near future:

Here is the first books poetry to give you a taste of the books writing, May the Lord add His blessing to this reading:

There are many stories Jesus told, They have lots of truths to behold

Meant for light, not to condemn, Parables, are what we call them

These truths are worth more than gold, So listen carefully as they unfold

By the Holy Spirit you will see, These stories are about you and me

For God wants to save everyone, That's why He sent His only Son

To show the world God's character, And how He deals with a sinner

The truth revealed will bring you to tears, Give you hope and drive away your fears

So take to heart the messages they bear, Learn them well so you too can share

This love and grace and mercy too, The sweet salvation for me and you

Now let us begin a story of three, And ask yourself, which one is me.

The first is about a sheep gone missing, The Shepherd led, but it wasn't listening

As the Shepherd's voice got further away, The sheep got distracted and went astray

Running and playing and eating its food, It was totally clueless until a cow moo'd

Startled and scared, it looked up and around, But no sheep or Shepherd could be found

The sheep was in the wilderness and all alone, Where o where is the Shepherd's tone

It never intended to get so distracted, Now there's consequences to the way it acted

Fear and doubt welled up inside, Now it looks for a place to hide

It wandered away from the Shepherds care, And now got caught in the devil's snare

Trembling and shaking, it's a panic attack, It knows it's lost, but not how to get back

Is this the end for the poor little fellow, He starts to cry and let's out a bellow

Back at the Shepherd who's counting His sheep, Ninety eight, ninety nine...He jumps up with a leap.

One has gone missing, it's not with the rest, Apart from Me, how can it be blessed

What will He do, there's no need to guess, He leaves the ninety nine in the wilderness

The Shepherd takes off in a full sprint run, Out in search for the lost little one

Around the bushes and through the trees, Over the mountains and down valleys

The Shepherd is calling in a voice so clear, For the one lost sheep He deems so dear

The character of the Shepherd is so kind, All this effort for one lost sheep to find

On the lookout for the one that is lost, The Shepherd will find it, no matter the cost

There it is! The Shepherd can see, And now He sets the little one free

It feels guilt and shame for how it behaved, But the Shepherd smiles, now you are saved

Then He sings a song to rejoice, And the sheep is delighted to hear His voice

On His shoulder the sheep is laid, It does not matter that it disobeyed

This little one so precious to Him, Is why He risked life and limb

The Shepherd returns, He carried His sheep, Back to the fold and into His keep

He calls to all His neighbors and friends, For a party invitation that He extends

I lost my sheep, but now it is found, Let's have the biggest party around

Joy is in heaven over one sinner to repent, More than the other ninety-nine percent

This is the story of the lost little sheep, Salvation is free, but it didn't come cheap

That concludes the first parable, It's a happy ending and that's incredible

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