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If you have never tried to adopt incentive installs in your ios app promotion, it’s high time for you to start. But you can ask firstly: what is it exactly? So, for you to learn the basics: keyword installs are incentive downloads of your app by either bots or real people. They get it on their smartphone, imitate some in-app activity, and keep it for some time (up to 14 days). Thus, the algorithms of the App Store track these actions, and your rank grows. 

What should you do from the start? Pick up the most relevant keyword for your app and start either a test campaign or a solid promotion. In the first case, you will need keywords with a score of less than 4. Choose a couple of keywords, the region, and set the number of installs 10-15. By doing that, you will see whether the promotion positively affects your rank, is there any growth by other keywords. You will see the results in 2-3 days after the promotion in the Console. Then, you can analyze the changes and decide on your further ios app promotion strategy.

If you want to start the promotion instantly, it’s recommended to choose the keywords with the 5-6 difficulty score, in other words, with mid-frequency. Begin with the campaign consisting of 10 installs for 7 days and then increase the number by 10 installs each 2 days. In case your position is 10th or higher, the number of required installs will be 1,500 to 2000. Note that you shouldn’t expand the number of installs drastically as there is a danger to lose your position or even get out of the index. Move gradually not to harm your ios app promotion or better consult the manager who will give you detailed information and tips concerning your particular app. is a self-service platfrom for application promotion with keywords installs and search optimization.

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