Kevin McC Cancer Care Campaign

Kevin McC Cancer Care Campaign

From Lori Kay McCormack

Kevin McCormack has terminal lung cancer that has spread throughout his body. He is currently on hospice and needs your help with costs related to his care, as well as funding for funeral arrangements after his death.

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Lori Kay McCormack posted a new update:
4 months ago

Update #1

Kevin needs YOUR support!
Please DONATE to the Kevin McC Cancer Care Campaign if you are capable of providing a gift to help him!

SHARE THIS FUNDRAISER as far and wide as you can, so that generous people (like you) can also have an opportunity to show that they care by helping to provide Kevin with the quality end-of-life care that he greatly needs and deserves.
Be sure to like or ♥️ LOVE ♥️ this fundraiser wherever you see it posted by others.

Please feel free to express your sympathy or leave some words of support for Kevin & his Family.
THANK YOU all so very much for your many prayers!

*Kevin's Story*
Kevin McCormack had a chest x-ray back in October that just didn't look quite right to his Primary Care Provider.
He already had COPD & Emphysema, but what really stood out on this image of his lungs was a shadowy spot that looked an awful lot like a tumor. The doctor ordered a CT scan to get a better look at the mass...
Kevin was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer around Thanksgiving 2022.

Just 2 weeks before Christmas he had a PET scan that showed that his cancer was Stage 4 Metastatic...
It had already spread to his spine and ribs, distant adrenal gland, and all the lymph nodes in his chest and neck.
On New Year's Eve Kevin received the results of a brain MRI; it showed that he also had a cancerous brain lesion on his cerebellum.

A lot of his cancer symptoms started getting worse at the beginning of the New Year; Kevin ended up going to the Emergency Room for unresolved issues.
He was admitted into the hospital and his team of doctors decided to do a lung biopsy on his primary tumor.
Unfortunately, this caused his lung to collapse and he spent over a week with a chest tube placed to drain the fluid that was building up next to his lung.

By the time he was discharged from the hospital he had lost 20 pounds of weight and become so weak that he was unable to walk anymore. Kevin ended up confined to a wheelchair upon coming home from the hospital; he can no longer even stand without assistance. Physical therapy failed to come to his house as scheduled, so he never got the rehabilitation that he desperately needed.

Kevin had made the decision to fight his cancer in an effort to extend his life, so he completed radiation treatments on his brain tumor. But then he found out that he had a serious gastrointestinal infection that would prevent him from beginning chemotherapy.
He was also informed that his lung biopsy didn't yield a large enough sample to run tests on, so his doctors were unable to determine if his cancer would respond to gene or immunotherapy.

The Oncologist gave Kevin the bad news: his cancer is spreading quickly and there are no more treatments available to him to slow it's progression. His doctor recommended that he go on hospice so that he could at least be kept comfortable until his inevitable death.

At the beginning of February Kevin accepted that it was the beginning of the end for him... his care was recently taken over by hospice so that he can die in peace at home instead of spending his last days going back and forth to doctor appointments in town.

Kevin has two full time/live-in caretakers - his daughter Lori & his grandson Eljayan - whom are both also physically unable to work outside the home for a living.
The three of them have been surviving on Kevin's Social Security as their sole source of income since he had a major heart attack two & a half years ago.

Kevin already received Disability for severe spinal injuries, which occurred due to a lifetime of hard construction work, but then he developed heart failure too.
His Daughter and Grandson moved in with him when he needed assistance in his home due to this, and also because he has Bi-polar Disorder and is on the Autism Spectrum.
Now with inflation SO high, on top of having a whole host of new expenses related to his cancer, they need some help from their friends to get by.

A lot of the larger, more expensive medical equipment that Kevin needs are being provided by hospice. But there are still many items not covered by them that Kevin and his family could use to help make his end-of-life period as easy and comfortable as possible.

Some of those things are:
- Baby monitor - Inflatable pillow for the shower - Transfer bench - Lumbar support pillows (back & butt) - Walker with a seat - Recliner with electric lift - Memory foam topper for twin bed - Twin bed sheets - Soft, easy to swallow foods - Timer/ Mini alarm - Humidifier - Dry shampoo - Toilet safety rails - Shower grab bar - Fall Detection Device - Ensure/Boost Drinks - Protein powder - Nightlight - Small trashcan with foot pedal & lid - Wearable blood pressure & oxygen monitor - Medication lockbox -

Funds are, of course, also needed for every day expenses: gas, groceries, utilities, toiletries, household items & medications. These have all increased in price so much over the past year that they are no longer affordable for Kevin's household on top of the cancer related costs.

Please make a donation today to The Kevin McC Cancer Care Campaign, or contact us directly if you would like to send a specific piece of equipment to him.

After Kevin is finished using items that are purchased with the money raised here, we pledge to pay it forward by giving them to other elderly/ disabled/ dying individuals, or to organizations that provide assistance to them.
Any money remaining after Kevin's immediate needs are met will be utilized for his memorial service, to pay outstanding bills, and for relocating all of his belongings after his death.

Kevin and his family & friends greatly appreciate your assistance in his time of need. Your donation will go a long way towards helping him have anything that he requires as he endures this final struggle.

If you are unable to donate at this time please share this campaign so that others can.
Also be sure to ♥️ LOVE♥️ this fundraiser on whatever platform that you find it, and leave a message for Kevin and his family that expresses your support.
Thank you so much & bless you for your kindness!!!

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