Keep the Old Settler's Vibe Alive!

Keep the Old Settler's Vibe Alive!

From Old Settler's Music Festival

Financial challenges, due to unexpected expenses over the past 9 months, have put our beloved 31 year-old Americana music festival in jeopardy. Donate today to preserve & improve the OSMF experience. KEEP THE VIBE ALIVE!

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Old Settler's Music Festival posted a new update:
over 1 year ago

Update #5

Hey Ya'll,

We have some great news to share! Our Keep the Old Settler's Vibe Alive fundraising campaign has raised more than $90,000 in just five months. We are so close to achieving our $100,000 fundraising goal and we owe it all to you, our beloved friends and family! Your steadfast support, loyalty, and love continue to inspire us. A heartfelt thank you to the more than 140 participants contributing to this effort.

"The festival is so dear to my heart. Love you OSMF!
- Old Settler's Contributor

As the campaign comes to an end, we wanted to offer a few special and unique incentives. To show our great appreciate to those helping us hit the mark, we just announced our Give a Gift, Get a Gift drive. The first 200 who give:
- $25 receive a 2019 Commemorative Poster.
- $50 receive a jar of Prickly Pear, Mustang Grape, or Mesquite Bean
Jelly lovingly wild-harvested and hand made by OSMF volunteers!
Much of the fruit came from our land. Choice of Jelly type is first-
come, first-served.
- $100 receive a 2019 Limited Edition Supporter T-shirt.

The Give a Gift, Get a Give drive concludes at the end of the month along with the fundraising campaign. Get your poster, jelly, or t-shirt by donating online or by sending your contribution directly to OSMF, P.O. Box 151947, Austin TX 78715.

We'll have your gift ready for pick-up at the 2019 OLD SETTLER'S MUSIC FEST. Sorry, we can't mail these gifts.

Many years of reuniting our family once a year in April has made it possible for us to find our forever home. Your continued support helps us sustain and improve our little piece of heaven, our worthy mission, and our unique, unmatched 31-year-old Americana music festival.

"First time attended. Already making plans for next year with
many friends. C'mon, everyone, pitch in!"
- Old Settlers Contributor

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please know that your commitment will ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to experience the magic, the vibe, and the love of Old Settler's.

See you in April 2019!

Kevin, Johnny, Gary, Julia, David, Diana, and Jean

PS Watch your email in the next week or two when we unveil our partial lineup for 2019. We've got some exciting artists in store for you already!

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Old Settler's Music Festival posted a new update:
almost 2 years ago

Update #4

Wow! We are humbled and at the same time incredibly inspired by the sharing of LOVE!

While Old Settler's works hard to build a beautiful, bright, and inspirational reputation, a culture of love, sharing, appreciation, support, and family, and an experience that unites the new, the old, the amazing, and the unforgettable into four days of musical paradise, it is YOU, our fans, our followers, our family, who continually outshine any of our efforts. The words, thank you, don't feel strong enough to express our appreciation for your gracious giving; which, to date, has exceeded $83,000 ($83,098), with 125 participants.

"The Old Settler's Fest is such a treasure. A kindred spirit. A diamond in the rough. I'm happy to help this cause." "Keep it going!"
- Keep the Old Settler's Vibe Alive Contributors

Let's keep it going! Help Keep the Old Settler's Vibe Alive by passing on your personal experience, having a conversation with a friend, and posting our story on social media. Be a part of the movement that secures the future of this rare Americana music legend. Please donate today by mailing your tax-deductible gift to OSMF, PO Box 151947, Austin, TX 78715 or joining our online fundraising campaign at With your help WE WILL get there!

Do you work for a company that participates in matching gifts? If so, you may be able to double your gift amount! That's because Old Settler's is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit. Let us know if you need help setting up your matching gift.

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Old Settler's Music Festival posted a new update:
almost 2 years ago

Update #3

We have exciting news to share with you about the outpouring of support for OSMF. In addition to the gifts the festival has received through our Fundly site, our Keep the Old Settler's Vibe Alive fundraiser has also been supported by private, offline donations. After adding those gift amounts to the Fundly site, we are thrilled to report that donations totaling $73,584 have been made by 95 contributors! Our unending gratitude goes out to everyone helping with this effort. We are humbled by your vote of confidence and THANK YOU for your amazing support.

"Keep it going!"
- Keep the Old Settler's Vibe Alive Contributor

The support for KEEP THE OLD SETTLER'S VIBE ALIVE is coming from far and wide and we are feeling the love! Individuals from 34% of the states within our great nation and two foreign countries have participated. It's a beautiful thing. The effort to save the OSMF vibe is pervasive.

We are passionate about our mission, our music, our fans and our continued efforts to deliver an unforgettable musical experience. Our determination remains unmatched. Please help preserve this unique Americana music tradition. Make a donation today!

Pass on the vibe! Tell your friends and share the OSMF story on social media. It is because of your tremendous loyalty that a bright future at our forever home is just on the horizon.

With the help of our friends and family, the love for our festival and the vibe that defines it will continue to flourish for another 31 years … at least!

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Old Settler's Music Festival posted a new update:
about 2 years ago

Update #2

"Definitely something worth preserving, so let's all help to keep OSMF alive!"
- Keep the Old Settler's Vibe Alive Contributor

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who is supporting "Keep the Old Settler's Vibe Alive." As of Monday, June 4th, contributions by 79 people total $13,954.

Old Settler's is extremely grateful to everyone helping with this effort. Whether making a monetary contribution or sharing the Old Settler's story with your friends via social media, your strong support will make it possible to continue our treasured 31-year music tradition.

As a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Old Settler's is proud to not only present an outstanding music experience in an environment that fosters family and community but also to contribute to the art of music through educational workshops, collegiate scholarships, and youth-related charities. With your help, we can preserve and continue to improve upon the Old Settler's experience for years to come.

Old Settler's has always been a grassroots effort administered by an all-volunteer Board of Directors and put on by a family of 600 to 700 volunteers. Now that we own the grass and have set down roots at our forever home in Tilmon, TX, let's keep the vibe alive.

Donate today at and please spread the word by sharing the OSMF story on social media.

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Old Settler's Music Festival posted a new update:
about 2 years ago

Update #1

Sending out a BIG THANK YOU to everyone supporting the Keep the Old Settler’s Vibe Alive fundraiser. In just six short days, 63 people have participated, contributing a total of $7442.

“Love OSMF! Been a regular since ~2006 when it was still at
Old Settler's Park! Let's rally to keep the vibe alive!”
- May 11, 2018

The strong support is assurance that as a 501(c)3 nonprofit Old Settler’s can count on our friends and family. Together we can preserve and improve the spirit and magic that is OSMF by getting the word out.

We are reaching out to you, our friends and family as well as all our media partners to help spread the word. The most powerful way to share our story is thru personal conversations and social media. Let’s make it possible for more music lovers to get involved.

Collectively we can continue the momentum. Spread the word. Share the link: Keep the Old Settler’s Vibe Alive. Donate today.

“Sometimes music is the only medicine the heart and soul need. Keep
the Vibe Alive." -- May 13, 2018

With your help, we know the future of the Old Settler’s vibe is in good hands.

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