Keep Sheri Elmont in Her House

Keep Sheri Elmont in Her House

From James Lutack

Campaign to keep Sheri Elmont in her house.

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Hello everyone, Recently I received the news that my Aunt is struggling with making house payments to the extent that she may lose her house soon.   The purpose of this Fundly is to raise enough funds to keep a roof over her head long enough for her to figure out what she needs to do and provide some breathing room financially for her. 

Please prayerfully consider supporting Sheri through this rough time. If you have known her for any amount of time and have been blessed by her, consider blessing her back! 

The $8,000 is what she will need to cover the back payments on the house, and any additional will be put away for back up for payments through the winter. . I am also under the impression that her current vehicle needs some repairs as well, as it is becoming unsafe to drive. Extra funds raised may be used for vehicle repairs. 

Thank you,

James Lutack (Her Nephew) 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me on Facebook Messenger

Thank you! 

A note from Sheri---

When my nephew told me that he set this fundraiser up I was a little freaked out! Because of course it feels very vulnerable! I’ve been sitting on it for 2 months!

I wanted to share a little of what has brought me to this place…

The past several years have been very hard.

-Taking in my teenage niece for 3 years. (I am thrilled to say she graduated!)

-Losing my Mom unexpectedly 2 ½ years ago. Both of these brought out the rough edges and grief in our family.

-My health. It has been very poor since 2005 when I spent a year in bed after exhausting all my physical energy in youth ministry and being deceived and personally attacked by my former business partner.  I have never really got back on my feet since then. I have continued trying to push through the physical and psychological exhaustion and brain fog, but not always successfully, (nor is it always a good idea!)

-Running my own business is something I love, but a real challenge with factoring in all the above. I’ve kept it going for 13 years and there are still plenty of possibilities.

At this point, staying in my house seems the best option as my mortgage is way less then rent here in the Portland area. And my house is suitable for my business. If it comes down to needing to sell it in the future, I could be in control of that.

My plan is to continue building Buckets-O-Fun, my part time VA job with my friend, and looking for people who need a notary.  (BTW-kids love my slime kits! I am developing more! Shameless plug!)

As I think through all of you who will be seeing this so many memories and love flow from the different times when our paths crossed, we may have gone to school together, lived together, worked together, or went to camp together, and many other situations. Lots of memories and laughter!

Warmly and with thanks!


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