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From Brandilon Ojeda

“Count your blessings” I was blessed beyond what I could count. Although I count them daily to remind myself that treacherous waters don’t last forever. But I have lost my roommates and need help with bills

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They always say “Count your blessings” I was blessed beyond what I could count. Although I count them daily to remind myself that treacherous waters don’t last forever.

Good evening let me start by introducing myself, my name is Brandi. I am blessed with three beautiful children and 1 grandchild. We have faced many hardships in life and we have faced them together. I was a stay at home mom for many years, when my first husband was diagnosed with cancer at only 28 yrs old, I went to college and got a full time job to support my son and daughter. We made it together through those hardships and moved to a new city to start over after he passed away (2007). I’m 2011 I met a wonderful man who took both my children in as his own and we decided to have one of our own (my third amazing blessing) We had a home and a “normal” family. I worked a part time retail job and my fiancé worked full time. When my youngest was 4 her father was killed in a motorcycle wreck. (2017)My children and I stood tall and we made it through losing our home and vehicle and had to move in with relatives for 6 months. I took on more hours and worked until we could get our own home again. I now work full time retail hours and have been able to keep my family afloat for the last 3 yrs with my oldest childrens help. Although I am very proud of my two oldest children, they have now moved on with their own lives and have moved out to start their own families. My youngest daughter and I had two roommates to live with us and was paying their portion of the rent. I was told 2 days prior to rent being due that they would not be paying for the month and that I would have to figure it out. I have tried saving every dime and going to food banks for groceries for my daughter and I. I’ve lost hours at work because my roommate was also my babysitter and now I don’t have that either so I’ve had to cut my hours as well. I am terrified of having to pack up and move and start over again. I know I CAN do it, I can face many problems and come out standing tall but I am tired. I want my babygirl to be able to stay in her school and keep her daily routine. I just need a little help to get back on track and budget differently now knowing that it’s all up to me. I am also trying very hard to get two different promotions at work, both of which would help me tremendously! Even prayers for that would help so much! I will know the outcome of that in about a week! I’m crossing my fingers and hitting my knees nightly! God has me and mine and he never fails me. I just need a little financial help to help me stand back up this time without falling all the way down! God bless whoever reads this and finds it in their heart to help. 

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