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When Oscar was 17, he was threatened by gang violence in El Salvador forcing him to flee to the United States for refuge. Since being here, he has created a family, life and a business.

Oscar has been working tirelessly to provide not only for himself, but also his 5 year old daughter, his wife and newborn baby girl. He has since become a positive member of society, with no criminal background. He is a gifted tattoo artist who gives back to his community through his art; gifting free memorial tattoos as well as self-harm cover-up tattoos. He has a desire to help people and understands their pain.

Oscar entered the US when he was a minor, requesting asylum with  a statement with law enforcement officials regarding the threats to his life from local gang members, putting him at an even higher risk if he was to be deported. He is currently set to have his deportation hearing in June of 2022. 

Oscar and his family are asking for donations to cover his legal expenses and fees, so that he can stay in the United States with his family. He wishes to become an American citizen and live his life without fear of deportation and the possible risk to his life that comes along with it.

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