Kaylin's Fail-lopian Fund

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Kaylin's Fail-lopian Fund

From Kaylin Ullman

I'm raising money to help me with bills accrued over the past 2 months of medical problems, hospitalizations, and surgeries, since I have been ill and unable to work. More info below, and thank you in advance!

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Sadly, I am in need of help due to spending the last 2 months in and out of the hospital.

Starting in late August, I began to feel unwell and have abdominal pain. After a CT scan at my doctor’s office, I was diagnosed with Appendicitis and was direct admitted to the hospital that night for an Appendectomy. It turns out, I was misdiagnosed (I found out weeks later that the pain was caused by a large ovarian cyst). The morning after surgery, I passed out while walking across the room to the bathroom and woke up on the floor with severely low blood pressure. This was attributed to a post-surgery hemorrhage. I injured my jaw and lip from hitting my face on the ground, and I will still need surgery to remove the large lumps of scar tissue from my lip that are causing nerve pain. My vitals improved, and I was released.

Two weeks later, I was back in the hospital again with severe pain. It turns out, I had two large abscesses that had formed in my abdomen as a result of the post-surgery hemorrhage. For those that haven’t been following my updates, I have now been to the hospital 4 times and have spent 18 nights there. I had a second, very invasive, surgery to remove the abscesses and ended up losing one of my fallopian tubes as well. I have been on 7 different antibiotics, been on IV antibiotic therapy for so long that my veins started collapsing, and had a PICC line placed for continued antibiotic therapy at home.

The infection has returned repeatedly, and I’m not out of the woods yet. I am still not allowed to lift more than 8 pounds, exercise, or exert myself. I may also need another surgery to remove the large ovarian cyst that remains, and my ovary with it.

Because of this absolute nightmare, I have been unable to work for 2 months and counting. I am locked into a lease until the end of February, and I haven’t yet received the bills from the multiple surgeries, overnight hospital stays, and at-home nurse visits for antibiotic therapy.

When I say “anything helps,” I really do mean it. Even the smallest amount you can spare will help me pay rent and bills, and keep myself and my cats fed.

Thank you in advance, and I promise to pay it forward when I can work again.

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