Kayaks and Fishing

Kayaks and Fishing

From Max Richardson

How about a free video course on kayaking and rowing safety in general? In the United States, an average of 3,500 to 4,000 people drown per year, an average of 10 drowning deaths per day. We must change the world for the

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Whether you are a beginner rower or just want to brush up on your safety knowledge with the rules of water kayaking or canoeing, America is more important than ever. In recent years, kayaking has become popular across the country, especially in Florida, where it has surpassed canoeing as the most common paddle sport.

We want to do our part to reduce the number of kayaking drowning deaths per day.

The class will include short quizzes and an exam to help readers make the most of the material. The beginners will be trained by a certified expert, instructor of the relevant authorities with many years of training and competition experience.

Main themes:

Safety on the water.

Correct handling of kayaks and kayaks.

Essential accessories for long trips.

Kayaking basics

Rescue skills

Children and kayaks

(Other additional topics prepared by experts)

The course will be recorded and edited in a professional video production studio. Experts in this area will be brought in and we think you will agree that this time is well spent to keep everyone safe.

This video will be free for everyone, without exception. We do not plan to make money from this.

Through teaching materials, illustrations, animations, and videos, this course will teach beginners how to safely and legally use the kayak on the water and how to fish on the high seas. You will also receive important information on maintaining your kayak, storing and using the related equipment correctly.

We are ready to use our site Kayaks and Fishing to promote this video course, but money is needed to promote the course from other sources. We need an additional budget to develop professional documentation and pay for the work of experts.

So let's all help together!

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