Katie's Secret Birthday Gift

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Hi friends and family of Katie!!

You may know that Katie has recently developed an interest in true crime and an obsession with the popular podcast "My Favorite Murder". She attempted to get tickets for a live show of the podcast but was in tears after the tickets had been swept up in a secret pre-sale. There are still re-sale tickets left for one of the Friday night shows in San Diego.

Actual text messages from Katie's very dramatic response when she learned that there were no tickets available:

From Katie Leonard - August 4th at 12:21pm:

"Sold out.

I'm going to cry.

My birthday is ruined."

I'm asking you along with other Katie's most loved friends and family to help fund her ticket to the show and a half of a one night hotel stay.

I am paying upfront for the hotel and 2 tickets to the show. I'm asking you to help fund only ONE of the tickets and only HALF of the hotel stay. Who ever accompanies her will pay me back their half or I will be the one to go alongside her. And don't worry -- I've crafted a lie in order to keep her free on the weekend of the show. 

After our goal is reached, I will present her the tickets/hotel stay along with a birthday card that has everyone's name who donated. I will be handing her the tickets very soon after the goal is reached and I will make sure to film her reaction! I know a lot of her friends are scattered around the US, so I think it will mean a lot to her that we can come together and get her this awesome experience.  And we can un-ruin her birthday!

Please help me keep this super secretive until I hand her the surprise! Any amount helps. Thank you guys!!

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