Kare for Kannon

Kare for Kannon

From Mike MC Curtis

We are raising money for our Great Dane to have TPLO surgery. He has had trouble walking since he was adopted a little over two years ago. This will give him the chance to play like a normal pup for the first time.

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Ever since we adopted Kannon a little over two years ago from a shelter he hasn't been able to run or play like a normal puppy because of his knees. We just want to give him the opportunity to play with his brother and live the best life that he can. We have been saving for the past two years to get him this surgery but we were only able to save $8,000. We have been giving him pain meds to ease the pain he has been in but it is starting to affect his liver so we want to do the surgery now so we can give him the best life possible and to let him enjoy playing with his brother. TPLO is a surgery performed on dogs to stabilize the Stifle after ruptures of the cranial cruciate ligamentIn a TPLO procedure, the tibial plateau, the portion of the tibia adjoining the stifle, is cut and rotated so that its slope changes to approximately 5 degrees from the horizontal plane.[3] This prevents the femur from sliding down the slope of the tibial plateau when the dog puts weight on its knee. 

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