Ananda Your Mayor

Ananda Your Mayor

From Kalaadevi Ananda

I am deeply concerned regarding the diminished power of the people of Rotorua. This compels me to campaign for Mayor. Rotorua has become minimalized. There are 71 vacant storefronts, and 2,200 homeless people.

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We have an overreaching government claiming ownership of our  “3 waters”. Retaining our assets, not handing over power to faceless corporations is essential. With each decision it comes down to this: Are we being manipulated or are we manifesting what we want? We can no longer unquestionably accept top down control. My focus is and will always be people centric. Council can no longer dictate how we live. We will question, gather information, and demand televised debates. There must be transparency. With those conditions in place people will vote with knowledge and awareness. No longer will closed meetings be tolerated. Every resident will have the opportunity to participate in assemblies. Financial management must include reducing debt and creating revenue. Supporting small businesses is crucial in this regard. Finding viable solutions for the homeless goes in tandem with helping revive our community. It's The People! It's The People! It's The People! The health of our residents is another primary concern. We have the second highest cancer rate in the world.  9 of our current 16 pesticides we use are actually banned in the UK.                                                                                                                                                                                  "With public sentiment nothing can fail, without it nothing can succeed"   Abraham Lincoln

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