The Fundraiser for Kai Hartt's Legal Aid

The Fundraiser for Kai Hartt's Legal Aid

From Kai Hartt

I am fundraising to secure access to legal representation while leaving an abusive marriage. To understand my situation completely I ask you to read the description below. I thank you for your time and compassion.

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My name is Kai Hartt (they/them). I am a genderfluid survivor of childhood sex trafficking, spousal abuse, and complex post traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD).

Over the past two years I have developed a sustainable treatment approach for my complex trauma. A side effect and essential component of this work has been the return of synesthesia, a neuropsychological condition in which an individual experiences a blending or mixing of their senses. I had lost much of my synesthesia through childhood abuse and an untreated brain injury in the spring of 2012; my synesthesia returned through this protocol. I call this protocol, as well the accompanying theory there may be a relationship between synesthesia and complex trauma, Synesthetic Replacement Processing/Theory (SRP/T).  I am currently writing a dissertation explaining the theory as well as a corresponding therapeutic surrealist series titled IN WHICH I SOLVE MY COLD CASE.

Pulling from my background as a bodyworker and movement instructor, I have written treatment plans for self massage which I hypothesis to be supportive in the context of Synesthetic Replacement Processing.  This self-massage protocol is learned with my support and guidance, and is meant to be practiced individually.. Outside of the context of complex trauma, Kinesthetic Self-Massage is a way to learn to more fully and independently care for one’s body, mind, and spirit while lessening muscular discomfort and correcting postural malalignment.

It is my hope to continue to study Synesthetic Replacement Processing Theory and developing Kinesthetic Self-Massage.

In order to do so, I need your help.

To rise to the call of several life events at once I have started a fundraiser. I am a single, low income parent heading into a divorce from my abusive former partner. I have no way to pay for an attorney. The legal assistant programs that provide subsidized attorneys in my area have eight week minimum waitlists. My hearing is in two less than weeks, on January 27th.  I am hopeful to raise enough money to be able to hire and retain legal representation until I am matched with an attorney from legal aid, or even better- to see me through my case.  This is time sensitive and pressing, especially due to abuse concerns regarding my child and child's father, which have ben filed with CPS.

To thank you for your donation made to my legal aid fund while being able to continue my research, I am offering a thirty minute Kinesthetic Self Massage session (in person or over zoom) in which I will be your guiding support as you learn to locate, navigate, and treat your muscular tension. 

 I recommend Kinesthetic Self-Massage for anyone with muscular discomfort or tightness, postural malalignment, reoccurring injuries/chronic pain, or for anyone who would like to know how to help their body relax and feel better.

If you donate, please send me an email at [email protected] or through the contact form on my website: with your name and contact information. I will reach out to you for scheduling from there.

Thank you for your compassion and support.


Kai Hartt (they/them)

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