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My neice and I tie dyed a couple shirts this past summer. We needed to stay in more because of the Covid. Plus it's fun! Everyone loved our shirts so much that they wanted to buy some! So, my niece said,"Let's start a business"!  I posted our shirts  we made on Facebook and received so many messages. The K in K&S stands for Katherine. That is my niece's name.She helps me out here and there and I will pay her for whatever she helps me with. She enjoys doing it and I'm proud of her! So, no I don't think it will affect any child labor laws. Lol! She's a very artistic little girl. I have always wanted to run my own business. I love to create and my neice pushed me in the right direction.  Lol! Anyways, I am asking for 2,500 because I found a sweet lady on Facebook Marketplace selling all of her t-shirt equipment, all of her shirts, hats cricut,heat presses, ink jet,, ect... There is probably close to 1,000 items she is willing to sell for such a low price. She even lowered her price from 3,000 to 2,5000.I am wanting to branch out not only just to to tie dye but vinyals as well.So, any donation will help and your prayers. So, if you can't donate please pray. A lot of people are struggling right now and with your donation I not only will invest in my company but give back as much as possible. I love to help people and would love to give away a bunch of free shirts to people in need. People need buisnesses who are willing to put God and family first, close on Sundays, and be willing to put others before themselves. So, with your help I want to open a buisness that's God centered. Thank you all and God Bless. 

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