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We are here asking for donations to bury my father whom committed suicide on February 10th 2020.  My dad had been wrongfully accused of crimes that he did not commit, he traveled to New Hampshire to see his mother, to say good bye, because he knew the corrupt system in Tennessee was going to convict him even though he was innocent.When he attempted to return home, to make it in time for court, he found that his bank account had been wiped out by his wife Susan Clum, and her friends.  (they had been stealing his disability check, and over $150,000 in property.he had no way to get back home.  My dad lived homeless in the woods in NH from November of 2018 until he committed suicide on February 10th 2020.  When they found him, he weighed 98 lbs from starvation. He left us with a detailed record of what had gone on with his estranged wife, but could never figure out why she did what she did. He died heart broken and penniless.We have contacted Sullivan County Sheriff's Dapartment in Blountville TN, but they have REFUSED to do anything about the thefts. (even though some of these thefts meet /exceed the thresh of federal crimes.  We are seeking donations to bury my father, and to hire a lawyer to sue the Sullivan County Sheriff's Department, and the people involved with all of the thefts. Cost to hire the lawyer, exceed $10,000 so do the costs of my Dad's funeral. We are seeking $20,000 in donations.  PLEASE help us get Justice for my Dad, and Get him a proper funeral.

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