Minority Mental Health Awareness

Minority Mental Health Awareness

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These funds are DESPERATELY needed in Baltimore City! 100% goes to: RESA Research Education and Programming Services, Software, Saas AAA- Advocacy,AwarenessAccessibility See Below For More:

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100% of these funds are for Baltimore Maryland. All money goes to


Education and Programming

Services, SaaS



My first personal experience in mental health was my senior year of college finishing up my degree in Clinical Microbiology & Epidemiology at the University of Maryland, College Park. A dentist appointment had went terribly wrong, and right after-- immediately, I began experiencing excrutiating nerve pain. 

It was debilitating and the worst pain I have experienced. But thankfully, I was told it would just take a few weeks to get better, then it turned into a month- and then more months-- until I was told by a specialists and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinion experts all throughout the East Coast- "This is Trigeminal Neuralgia", "This form is classified 'daily-persistant' and it will not go away." "People like this often end up on permanent disability".  The end of those appointments where the doctor wrapped up with those verbal statements doubled as physical wrapped sacks of bricks hitting my chest into a depression, a hopelessness. 

So how was I able to get the best marks that year, take my MCAT, graduate, and find hope? A net of resources, community, awareness, programs, advocates, a support system and so many factors that contribute to ou

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