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Supporting Women Writers in Film--Story Summit

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About Me

Since the age of five when my dad gifted me his typewriter, I've been banging away at the keys telling stories. By ten I was determined to direct films (due in large part to his influence). By twelve, I’d already been told that a directing career was pretty far-fetched for a woman, some even said out of the question. But I set my sights on that goal, and by the time I hit NYU grad found myself grateful and elated to shoulder a 16mm camera along with many equally ambitious female filmmakers. Most of my professors were men, but there was an editing teacher—Carol Dysinger—who stood out, someone all the young women could look up to. She modeled what it means to be a woman in film—persevering, supportive, thick-skinned, visionary. And then it happened…one day her ship came in, and hundreds of us NYU women watched, teary-eyed, as she stood up to receive an Academy Award for a doc about Afghan girls empowered by skateboarding. In her speech, she mentioned winning a student award presented by Frank Capra—the push that helped her withstand four decades in the industry. Her hand shook as she read: “To get from Capra to here took a whole lot of not quitting and teachers—the kind I strive to be…the kind…who teach girls courage, to raise your hand, to say ‘I am here, I have something to say and I’m going to take that ramp, don’t try to stop me.’” Please support Story Summit as we raise money to help women take that ramp—you never know what dreamer will one day hold gold, leaving her mark.

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Walk with Kevin and his friends to raise scholarship money for writers. Storyteller Foundation annual Walk for Story on Sunday, September 27th, 2020 is the largest one day fundraiser for the preservation of future storytelling in the world.


We know that stories effect positive social change. It has always been that way. Just look at how Socrates, Victor Hugo, or Harper Lee helped shape the world.

We sponsor talented writers with a message that needs to be heard.

Our mission this year is to celebrate woman writers. At the current pace, it will take more than 100 years to reach global gender equality. Women writers hold the power to create faster global transformation . . . especially with the pen.

In the last 9 months, the Storyteller Foundation has helped sponsor over 100 writers. Some receive full  or partial scholarships, others get pro bono  mentorship. 80% of those writers are women.

Here are what a few of our writers have to say:

When I found out I was a full scholarship recipient for the February 2020 Story Summit, I couldn't believe it! I had written a children's book as a challenge to myself but I never thought I would actually be able to be a full time writer. Attending the Summit gave me so much more confidence in my abilities and the mentors helped me realize I could make a real difference with the gift of story! I never would have been able to go without a scholarship and that scholarship changed my life completely. This organization is truly magical and the work they do is life changing!

~Mariah Mayhugh, College Student

I was thrilled to be chosen for the Story Summit scholarship, especially to be personally mentored by Tab Murphy, one of the Academy Award nominated writers of Gorillas in the Mist and Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame. Six months and six drafts later, my screenplay has been picked up by a major producer! I'm finally getting my work, and more importantly, my message out there, and it wouldn't have happened without the opportunity and mentoring I received at the Summit. I'm now working on a new screenplay and a reality series! I've totally recreated myself and started a new career at 64.

~ Annette Maxberry-Carrara, Winner of the Moms@Work Scholarship

"When I received a call from The United States about my Story Summit Scholarship, I felt empowered and no longer alone.  I am dedicated to helping new writers to share, publish, and earn from their work. To be able to learn from the best writers and accomplished storytellers elevates my work in helping women writers  to release their voice into the worlds around them.”

~Sylvia Nalubega, Team Leader, Shadows of a Child 

Receiving the Story Summit Dream On Scholarship proved to be a professional pivot for me and a realized dream eleven months later. Throughout my life, I had been encouraged to "write a book someday." Although the thought of authoring a book intrigued me, it remained on the shelf just out of reach as I was a "numbers girl," not an English major. "Who am I to write a book?" would be my prevailing thought as I allowed the idea to gather dust over the years.

Well, although I believe it was my story's potential to heal a hurting population that caught the attention of the Story Summit mentors more so than my writing ability at that time, the encouragement I received from the mentors was life-altering. The mentors' collective professional accomplishments are unparalleled, only to be outshined by their genuine interest to see their mentees succeed. As a whole, the writers' community is so welcoming and supportive, I immediately felt like "one of them." This feeling of community inspired me to shake off any lingering doubts and dive into this new space leading me to realize a life-long goal and hopefully heal countless hearts and souls as a result. 

~ Susan Hunter, Winner of the Dream On Scholarship for 50 and over

Please join us  to invest in the lives of women writers. Story Summit is a safe and inclusive place for all women, including women of color, women with disabilities, LGBTQ women, indigenous women and all faith and non-faith backgrounds.

We encourage any who share transformation by the pen to walk or run with us, donate to the cause, or spread the word.

A story can’t exist unless there is someone to hear it.

Thank you.

Storyteller Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in accordance with the standards and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). DBA for Family University Foundation. EIN: 33-0113092PO BOX 3667 Escondido, CA 92033 United States

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