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In July, I will be venturing to Kenya, Africa to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

I will meet up with 28 other volunteers and we will travel to the Bungoma region. In this region, there are 900,000 million individuals, with over 60% living below the poverty line. An average household is 8 people, with multiple families living in one space.   We will be building homes for these families and working in an orphanage. 

Why embark on such a journey you may ask?  Well, in brief, it has been my life dream since the age of 10.  Thanks to my Uncle Tom’s organization, Outreach360, I grew up seeing a different side of life and have always wanted to share the gifts of love and support with those who have never been exposed.

My goal is to raise $6,000 that will be put towards the organization, supplies, and airfare.  Your contribution is very much appreciated and will make a significant impact on those whom I will be working with in Kenya.  

Examples as to how your monies may be used include:

·         $10--Could buy a box of nails!

·         $25--Could buy Roof Shillings!

·         $50--Could buy a Low Flow Toilet!

·         $100 -- Could buy a Kitchen Sink!

·         $250 -- Could buy a Front Door!

·         $500--Could buy a House Siding!

I will keep you updated with my adventure and photos as I go through this journey!

Asante! (Thank you in Swahili)


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