Johnathan's Road to Recovery

Johnathan's Road to Recovery

From Roxanne Harrison

I'm raising $50,000 for my sister Bonnie and her husband Johnathan. After a fluke accident at home, Johnathan is suffering from a fractured vertebrae and a bruising of the spinal cord that has left him paralyzed.

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I'm increasing the goal for my brother-in-law, Johnathan, as their insurance policy will no longer cover his stay at the rehabilitation facility (even though he continues to make progress). This means they are now responsible for room & board as well as daily PT & OT services. The costs are significant - more than I ever imagined -  so I am increasing the goal once again to allow him to stay and continue his rehab program at the Courage Center. 

Please consider donating if you haven't done so already. Or if you have donated (thank you!) please  help spread the word. 

If you are seeing this page for the first time, on February 4th, my brother-in-law, Johnathan, fell down his stairs at home fracturing multiple vertebrae and bruising his spinal cord leaving him paralyzed in his upper and lower extremities.  My sister is now faced with many health and medical expenses and unfortunately many are not covered by insurance. So that’s why I’m turning to my friends to see if we can help alleviate some of the financial burden and stress they are facing.  My goal is to raise $50,000 on behalf of her family. If you are able to make a financial donation please know any amount is greatly appreciated.   Johnathan spent 5 1/2 weeks in ICU, the trauma unit and the hospital’s acute rehab facility. He was just transferred to the Courage Center - Minnesota’s top rehab facility for spinal cord injury patients -   He most likely will be there for 12 weeks & then go home to continue outpatient rehab.  It will be an extremely long road to recovery and as we all know insurance only covers so much time in rehabilitation centers. There are lots of expenses such as in home care, equipment, home modifications, covering her children’s needs and expenses during this time and continuing to have regular ongoing living expenses.

Johnathan is very determined and has already made some amazing progress. He has regained some motor and sensory and his team of therapists are hopeful. He is working extremely hard every day to get his mobility back and we are all cheering him on.  

Please join me in this effort by making a donation to this fund and please keep the Sain family in your hearts.  

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