John Washington For President 2024

John Washington For President 2024

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I’m working to build you a better future.

Many people in politics are running for offices that only talk about our problems in the United States. They always say if you vote for them, they will fix the problem, but everyone knows that once they get in office, they don’t keep the promise. That’s why I’m working to resolve the issues now. If other candidates can raise millions of dollars for their campaign, they can raise $100,000 or $1,000,000 to teach you how to start your own business so you can build your family a better life. I’m trying to show the difference between someone that’s working for the people and someone that’s getting paid to work for the people but who’s not who’s making laws every day to penalize you. Stand with me, and we will make a real change for all Americans. 

John Washington For President

1050 Connecticut Ave

Washington, DC 20036


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