Johannes and Kim Cancer battle/Recovery

Johannes and Kim Cancer battle/Recovery

From Kim Berger

The Mission: We need 1300 people to come together. Donating $5.00 each, you can lift my family out of a desperate time, in to the light on this road to recovery. Together you can save and ease the burden we are facing. ❤

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This is my good friend Kim, her beautiful children (Dakota, Sierra and Elias), and her incredibly strong husband Johannes.  Earlier this year, February 2018, Johannes was diagnosed with testicular Cancer. He went through surgery and was told he was Cancer free. Perfect!!! Battle won....end of story! Right?? Not quite!!!


The first week of Spring break, Johannes was told he had a tumor on his lymph node in his abdomen which was growing at a consistent and alarming rate.  So leaving their children behind with family, off they went so Johannes could undergo surgery once more in mid May.  The RPLND surgery (removal of lymph nodes in abdomen) went well, though a few complications arose while his incision was trying to heal.  He was placed on an insane amount of opiates, which then caused a serious withdrawal and added more pain to an already intense journey!! End of journey??? If only it was just that, and all worries were now behind them.


Johannes is the sole income earner for the family, but he will be off work for a minimum of 2 months and unable to provide for his family during that time.  I am watching a family try to heal.... survive Cancer... not once, but twice...... and yet not able to survive financially now that the battle is over and the journey to healing has begun.  Kim is an amazing woman, wife, mother, and friend.  I am honored to know her.  During this time she still makes time to lift everyone else around her. Her strength has humbled me.


I have never wanted to help a family as desperately as I want to help the Bergers. I have never started a funding movement before, but Kim and her family mean so much to me. I know that money isn't always easy to give away. I know that times can be hard and that most of us need to budget to get by.


My goal is simply this... Find 1300 people willing to donate $5.00 each. Think about that for one second. What an incredible movement that would be. It actually doesn't take a lot of money to help someone. What it takes is a lot of people and a small amount of money combined to really make a huge difference in someone’s life. I AM GOING TO FIND 1300 people. Together we shall ease their financial burden, and allow the Bergers to focus on healing instead.


If you can afford to offer more than $5.00, please do so and let a few of the 1300 people off the hook.  I am about to let 20 people of the hook. I'm going to hit this goal and I want to thank you for your part. Whether it be donating or simply sharing this story.

Lisa Klare

AKA Lisa Justlisa

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