Jobs and Skill Sets That Will Rule in 2021 and Get You Hired

Jobs and Skill Sets That Will Rule in 2021 and Get You Hired

From John Vega

The global pandemic has shifted recruiters’ focus to IT and data-related fields. Discover the best opportunities for candidates in India in 2021.

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Covid-19 has revolutionized the job industry. Today, some jobs are becoming obsolete, while new opportunities are emerging. Every economic crisis affects corporate hiring models, and candidates need to adapt to the new environment once again. So, what will help one succeed in 2021? Here are the most essential skills that will get you hired easily.

Changing Employment Needs

These days, niche skills are in higher demand than ever. Companies are also creating new job roles. All these changes are being spurred by technological innovations and the need to perform work remotely.

The breakneck speed of technological innovation is not a new phenomenon. However, previously its discussions were limited to board meetings. Covid-19 became the stimulus that forced companies to embrace novelties quickly. It accelerated digital transformation across all industries in India. It was a shock that had a silver lining. As many companies had to change overnight and adopt new ways of working, innovation is spreading quickly.

The demand for fresh IT solutions was already high before 2020. Now, cutting-edge technologies are absolutely essential. Services offered by the IT sector are pivotal for modern businesses. Now, companies that were hesitant to implement changes have no other option. In these conditions, new job roles are springing up, and companies need to retrain staff. Here are the key advanced and niche skill sets that will be all the rage in 2021.

To survive in the post-pandemic world, businesses have to reinforce their IT capabilities and embrace digitization across the board. Legacy systems may present a challenge, as the transformation requires a radical paradigm shift and modernization of conventional processes. Fundamental changes that took place in 2020 accelerated digitization across value chains.

As a result, digital skills like cloud, API, low code, DevOps, 5G are in high demand. Companies will keep on scouting talented business analysts that will help steer them in the right direction considering modernization needs. They need professionals with strong digital skills and a profound understanding of business processes.

Basic digital skills are also essential for self-employed individuals. For example, more and more Indians are embracing remote technologies for Forex trading in the global financial markets. They use cutting-edge platforms and mobile apps to connect to the largest foreign exchange with a 6-trillion dollar daily turnover. A global Forex broker like Forextime is constantly searching for IT talent to develop new solutions that help clients make money from home.

As organizations are transitioning to remote methods of working, they also become more vulnerable to hackers. This makes cybersecurity vital. Companies are looking for experts who can ward off these attacks. Some businesses even double the size of their digital security teams. 

India has an extensive pool of IT talent. However, cybersecurity expertise is scarce, according to a NASSCOM report. In 2021, the demand for roles like Security Architect, Network Security Engineers, Information Risk Auditors, Firewalls and Security Device Development Professionals, Cryptologists, and Vulnerability Assessors will be high in both hybrid and entirety virtual workplaces. 

Artificial Intelligence is now helping companies cope with real-life challenges. These technologies are transforming the world. The skills required for their development are increasingly appealing to businesses and graduates.

Technical and analytical talents related to AI make candidates more hireable. These days, both education and business have seen disruption in the form of remote technologies. Remote models are spreading fast, which accounts for the rise in employment opportunities within the sector. These days, even construction and manufacturing are adopting innovations like Industrial Automation and Machine Learning.

It is clear that professionals need to look beyond programming. The needs of modern businesses are more complex and varied. To succeed, they need to be creative, highly adaptable and have strong problem-solving skills. Soft skills, the growth mindset, and mental agility will be essential this year.

In 2021, workplaces will continue transitioning to virtual and hybrid models. This will explain the need for highly qualified personnel with strong digital and soft skills. Technological expertise is important, but it must be combined with good communication abilities. After all, employees now need to exchange information remotely.

As enterprises are becoming more technologically adept and online-centric, new opportunities for work and profit generation are emerging. The remote workforce is now the reality. In the future, candidates with an advanced technological background will be in high demand. A combination of expertise and social skills is an important strength for any candidate. This is what allows companies to grow and become more efficient in the current circumstances.

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