Jax's Recovery

Jax's Recovery

From Kathryn Colunga

Jax slammed into a mower deck and it was knocked onto him which sliced his entire left side open all the way down to muscle. Fundraising is needed to pay for Jax's ER recovery.

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Hi, my name is Kathi and my household is experiencing a crisis with our dog, Jax. A few years ago, Jax came into our lives as a companion for our grandson who has been with us since infancy. He wanted a dog so we went to the humane society where he found a fox terrier puppy who needed a boy in his life. We actually came home with 2 dogs as I decided to adopt his "cell mate" also.

Just this past week, Jax was seriously injured while chasing a rabbit around the property. As he was running, the rabbit changed directions quickly, but Jax wasn't able to turn in time and ended up slamming into a mower deck which was knocked onto him and sliced his entire left side open all the way down to the muscle. We pulled the skin back up and held the wound together and rushed him to the veterinary ER in Ft. Wayne as soon as possible. The veterinarian stitched and stapled up some of the wounds but other area were not able to be sutured, due to being too deep and the skin had too much tension in it to stretch far enough to reach. Jax was kept under their care for the next 3 days. He was then able to come home bandaged up and on medication to wait and see if the skin would heal enough so that it could be stitched up in a few days. We took him to our local veterinarian for a bandage change and skin check but they were unsure of how to proceed with his care due to the severity of the wound and asked us to return to the ER veterinarians.

After our 3rd trip to the ER for more assessments it was discovered that much of the tissue was not receiving any blood flow. As a result the dying tissue had to be removed and he will continue to be under the care of the ER for a minimum of 3 more days before we can hope to begin home care for him. However, we are looking at an extremely long recover period since it will be open wound care due to the skin dying.

We have had so much enjoyment in our lives through our dog companions and we are now in crisis mode trying to get our dog the care that he needs. These dogs are not just animals but they are members of our family that we love dearly. As a retire couple this accident has created a devastating loss financially that we doubt we'll be able to recover from. The amount of money we have already invested in this has far exceeded what was originally quoted and we have come to the end of our resources. Yet we still have months of wound care and skin checks ahead of us.

We worked hard our entire lives and are now living on our social security retirement so there is very little "extra" money, but what there is will go to making payments on this vet bill. We appreciate the skills of the veterinarians who are working to help Jax make a full recovery. There is no doubt in my mind that only their skills can-and have- saved him.

It is not in my nature to ask for help. On occasion I have asked for prayers but never have I asked for finacial help. But I am reaching out now to ask if you have just 50 cents or a dollar that you could spare to help us with this vet bill, we will be forever grateful and thankful. If not, we understand and ask that you lift him up in prayer for a quicker and less painful recovery.

Thank you for reading my story and understanding the difficulty of our situation. It is with heavy heart that we share our pain and the ultimate agony of knowing that we failed to keep him safe. We can never know what awaits us us around the corner, we can only do our best.

May God Bless all of you that have read our story. With you added prayers and help we will find a way to get thru this storm. With His grace we are grateful, thankful and blessed as we continue this journey called life. Our hope is that Jax will be a part of it until he leaves this world naturally as an old man-dog.

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