Javier's Mission - Let's Finish the Dining Hall!

Javier's Mission - Let's Finish the Dining Hall!

From For Kids' Sake

Javier's raising funds to finish a Dining Hall for the children living at the Ibrahimpur Orphanage. When asked what inspired him, he said "Who else would want to build that for them? I'll do it!"

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Project Overview:

In 2013 For Kids’ Sake (FKS) received funding to construct a dining hall for the residents at the Ibrahimpur Orphanage. Due to limited funds, the dining hall was never fully completed. In 2018 FKS received funding to build a new kitchen. The new kitchen was built connected to the dining hall, increasing the need to complete the dining hall.


Current Status: The current dining hall is an open-air facility with no enclosing walls. It has a tin roof with a brick border wall about two and a half feet tall. The incomplete walls make it difficult to keep the dining area clean of dust and debris. Animals, such as stray dogs, ducks, and chickens, can all enter easily and leave the space unhygienic. The current state of the dining hall does not allow for furniture due to the risk of theft and ruin from weather. Consequently, the kids eat each meal directly on the cement floor. The space is also completely unusable during harsh weather conditions. Heavy rain pours into the dining space, and extreme summer heat is unbearable without electricity for fans. The dining hall also cannot be used at night due to lack of electricity or enclosing walls. The open structure draws in swarms of bugs if any portable light is used at night. Additional funding to complete the dining hall with walls and electricity will effectively solve the problems outlined above.

Proposed Solution:

For Kids’ Sake proposes that we enclose the dining hall by adding full walls, windows and doors, electricity, lights, fans, and tables. Enclosing the space will allow the dining area to be used day or night, in any weather conditions. The proposed renovations will also ensure hygienic conditions and protect any furniture used there. The addition of tables and electricity will allow the children to eat in a more sanitary, dignified way. Students will also be able to study in the furnished dining hall at any time of day. In short, the completed dining hall will provide a hygienic dining space, a dedicated study area, and a new building for the staff to host events, conferences, and workshops on a year round basis.

Proposed Budget: $5,000

Materials (brick walls, windows, doors, fans, lights)                        $3,500           

Labor                                                                                                    $1,500

Total                                                                                                            $5,000

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