Jacque Fresco Birthday Pledge Campaign

Jacque Fresco Birthday Pledge Campaign

From Billy TheKidster

The Jacque Fresco Birthday Pledge Campaign purpose is to raise funds for The Venus Project. Participating Supporters pledge to donate a given amount regularly until the anniversary of his birthday on March 13, 2021.

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In Memory of Jacque Fresco 1916 - 2017


At the age of 13 he experienced the great depression, and that event helped shape his social conscience. Even as a child he could clearly see all of the resources were still available, but people didn't have money, purchasing power to put food on their table. All of that misery and human suffering, further shaped his social conscience with even stronger conviction, to dedicate his life towards finding solutions, for most if not all of the world's problems. As a youngster he often played hooky from school. He didn't believe in their procedural indoctrinating rules, and when the truant officer finally caught up with him, the lad showed him his lab, his inventions and all he was studying. "Do me a favor," the officer said bewildered feeling like a fool, "show up one more day at your school, so it looks like I did my job, will you? Then just continue to keep doing what you're doing. You're an amazing young man, truly fascinating." His younger cousin injured himself with an electric fan, so he went on to create a fabric fan, to make it as safe as he possibly can. He showed his finished product to the fan company and as I recall, they responded, "Nice idea kid, but it isn't very practical." A few months later the company came out with the very same item, and this was his first introduction to the free enterprise system, discovering that it wasn't free at all and not remotely enterprising. He went on to be a self educated educator, engineer and scientist. Among his peers he was most certainly one of the best. Surgical equipment used in everyday medicine, were just a small fraction of some of his many inventions, but the surgeon who commissioned him, did not include his name on any of the patents. In short, the surgeon basically royally screwed him, once again falling victim to the free enterprise system, further proving it's not free and not at all enterprising, He never pursued any legal litigation, that kind of confrontation was all a waste of time for him. "At least the instruments are out there," he told his life partner Roxanne. He had other worldly concerns more important to pursue and plan. Money never was and never would be his driving motivation. "All of this technology," he would say very often, "all of these great inventions all amount to a pile of junk, unless they serve to enhance the lives of everyone." He became a futurist who very strongly believed, that we can only treat the ills of society, if we throw away the rules that govern it and ourselves entirely.He lived to be one hundred and one, leaving behind for all of us a more positive direction, towards global unification and restoration, so that everyone can enjoy a higher standard of living. He also left behind a worldwide following, who carry on his work and ideas by sharing them with everyone. Many claim that his work is an unattainable misled vision, and his response has always left me with a profound impression. "If you don't think we can change the world," he'd say to all who would listen, "that only means that you will be one of those who didn't." I never met the man but I am honored just to know of him, and I will continue sharing his ideals with everyone for as long as I am living, not just to honour his memory, but because if we keep continuing to go the way that we are going, the future is most certainly going to be dire for our children and grand children.

Consistent Regular Donations To The Venus Project Helps Immensely Towards The Venus Project Attaining Its Goals FOR ALL OF US Globally. 

Please donate whatever you can afford REGULARLY for this one full year. 

Yours In Extensionality,

YourKidster, Billy


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