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Donations will be used for Jack's legal expenses, including attorneys' fees, court filings, other litigation costs.

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Last December, my son was pulled over and arrested for driving marijuana from one state to another. For the life of me, I cannot comprehend what he was thinking when he decided to do something so senseless and uncharacteristic of him.

Just a year removed from graduating high school with a B average, Jacky played every sport under the sun as a boy, settling on football and track in high school. He volunteered at a soup kitchen. Worked hard at a clothing store. And he hung with a responsible group of friends. He’s a good kid.

A good kid who made a very big mistake. One for which he’s taken full responsibility. And while I’ve learned to accept his inexplicable lapse in judgment, I refuse to accept his impending punishment. Not when I have the opportunity to affect its outcome. But I need help and time is running out quickly.

I believe he needs to pay for what he did - but not with 7-12 years in prison with violent criminals, which is exactly what he’ll get without better legal representation. In order to do this, I’ll need around $25,000. Starting with a down payment, which must be secured before the end of August.

Jacky has never done anything like this before. As I’ve learned through this painful process, those who can afford an experienced lawyer are far more likely to have the charges reduced. Unfortunately, my husband and I cannot do this alone, and so we are seeking your understanding and help.

What I need to do now is simple. Get the charges reduced to something more manageable so that he can go to a boot camp program. Or a work furlough where he can learn a trade and work while he’s incarcerated - a safer place where he will be with non-violent offenders while he’s paying for his crime. In order to do this, I need to raise money to pay for a better defense.

Jacky has spent the last nine months in county jail reading books, writing letters, and attending the weekly Bible Study. He is paying for his mistakes while using this time to make himself better. I’m not proud of what he did, but I’m certainly proud of how he’s handling it. This is the Jacky I know and love.

If you can donate any money to help pay for Jacky’s lawyer, I would be incredibly grateful. We need help and we need it soon. On behalf of Jacky, my husband and me, thank you so much. 

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