Jack Montague Defense Fund

Jack Montague Defense Fund

From Nick Victor

Yale men's basketball captain, Jack Montague, has been expelled from Yale after being wrongfully accused of non-consensual sex. He is now suing Yale and needs help paying his attorney and expenses. Thanks!

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My name is Nick Victor and I started this fund because I know Jack very well and know he does not deserve this treatment. I played basketball at Yale with him and lived with him for two years. I've seen him succeed and I've seen him struggle, and through and through he's been an honest and generous person. He is now in a time of need, so I have created this fund to allow his supporters to provide help. 

This past February, Jack was expelled from Yale for an alleged act of non-consensual sex that had occurred more than a year prior. Just months from graduation and weeks before our basketball team clinched an Ivy League title, Jack Montague was forced to leave school and abandon his team in light of a university sexual assault investigation that presented no evidence that proved his guilt. Not only was Jack stripped of a Yale degree which he had worked over three and half years to earn, he was also denied the once in a lifetime opportunity to play in the NCAA tournament alongside his teammates. Only after the expulsion did the facts about the case begin to emerge. Jack’s lawyer released a statement revealing the undisputed facts that Jack and the accuser had slept together on three prior occasions, one of which resulted in consensual intercourse. After the disputed fourth meeting, the two split up and parted ways, but the accuser later voluntarily returned to his room and spent the rest of the night in his bed with him. Jack insists that all sexual relations between the two were consensual, and there is no evidence of the contrary. The formal complaint process was initiated by Yale and not by the student herself.

This case eerily resembles that of the Duke men’s lacrosse team of 2006 in which the group of men were falsely accused of rape and denied due process, yet ultimately found to be innocent. Jack’s guilt was contingent on the university’s “preponderance of evidence” standard rather than the legal “beyond reasonable doubt” standard, meaning the prosecutors only had to be 51% sure of his guilt. No police report was filed and no criminal investigations ever took place. In the honorable quest to better protect women from sexual predators, universities and Title IX directors have enforced rules that neglect the rights of the accused, resulting in several similar cases of lack of due process in the past decade. Sexual assault on college campuses is definitely an issue that needs to be acknowledged and addressed, but rules that deny the accused of a just trial are indication of regression, inequality, and injustice.

Jack and his family are now fighting the expulsion and have filed a lawsuit, but attorney fees and expenses are overwhelming and his family could use some help during this unfortunate time. 

Jack is a great young man and I and many others who truly know him believe he doesn’t deserve this treatment. Jack greatly needs and would truly appreciate any assistance you can provide. Please help him win the lawsuit and clear his name. Thanks for your support!


From the statement of Max Stern (Jack's lawyer):

"We cannot help but think it not coincidental that the decision by Yale officials to seek expulsion of the captain of its basketball team followed by little more than a month the report of the Association of American Universities (AAU) which was highly critical of the incidence of sexual assault on the Yale campus, and the Yale President’s promise, in response, to “redouble our efforts.” From what appears, Jack has been pilloried as a “whipping boy” for a campus problem that has galvanized national attention."



From Jack's high school coach, Dennis King:

"I believe that due process will eventually clear Jack's name, that he will be granted his hard-earned diploma, and that he will move on to share his considerable gifts with the world. But I'm not sure how he will ever be compensated for the emptiness and infinite heartache of being torn from his teammates during their once-in-a-lifetime quest."



Lawsuit document(Jack Montague v. Yale University):


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