Ivy Needs A New Jaw!

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This is Ivy and she needs your help. 

I rescued this adorable Boston Terrier, Ivy and her brother, Nikko. a month ago. I got her spayed and vaccinated. My disabled son and I are smitten.

This week, while playing around on the bed, my female English Bulldog (also a rescue) 3xs her size, got too excited and body slammed her... causing her to break her mandible (jaw) clear through. In 3 days, she has lost 3 lbs! She is in a lot of pain and on a lot of meds. I will keep her calm and comfy while we wait and of course through her healing. Her surgery is Tuesday, 2/16 in the afternoon. Thankfully, I am home 24/7 so I can be with her non stop. 

I did not rescue Ivy with an organization. I did it because I saw a need and I love the breed ( I already have 2 Bostons on my own). I wanted to strengthen my foster mom muscle and be the one to find them their happily ever after- as well as make sure the home they go to will not breed them!   So here we are, today's vet visit (exam, sedation, Xrays, and lots of meds) cost $960. The surgery will run anywhere from $4,000-$4500 depending if any teeth are damaged from the break. 

The vets I am working with are so far so caring and fighting for her best care. Her surgery will be at  Insight Veterinary Wellness Center El Dorado Hills (

https://insightvetwellness.com/ They take Care credit and you can call if you'd like to support us that way!

If you can, please donate towards this pup... she is only 5 years old and deserves to live a long, happy, pain free life!     VENMO.        

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