It’s Here! Plaza Pizza in Heath, Ohio

It’s Here! Plaza Pizza in Heath, Ohio

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Locals in Newark long ago began calling Plaza Pizza the best pizza in Ohio. That’s because of Plaza Pizza’s long-standing tradition of creating a delicious pizza that doesn’t compromise on taste, quality, or freshness.

Now, we’ve opened a flagship location for Plaza Pizza in Heath, Ohio! More people than ever before are able to enjoy a hot slice of our classic pizzas, or try one of our new creations like the BBQ Chicken pizza.

Plaza Pizza in Heath, Ohio has an Updated Menu

Times are changing. Americans are looking for healthy alternatives to their favorite foods. Healthcare professionals are understanding the nuances of the human body better than ever, and that includes dietary restrictions and the way we process our food.

With more people eating better, and others looking for low-carb options, it made sense for Plaza Pizza in Heath, Ohio (and our original location in Newark) to find a way to make our menu friendly to anyone.

So we’ve added a cauliflower crust to our menu choices. Customers looking to decrease their carbohydrate intake can still enjoy great-tasting pizza with Plaza Pizza in Heath, Ohio. We also understand that sometimes, people want something a little more adventurous.

Sometimes, a BBQ Chicken pizza is what hits the spot with a BBQ sauce base, chicken, bacon, red onion, and pineapple. After it emerges from the oven, we top it with house-made BBQ sauce and freshly chopped cilantro.

For more discerning pizza lovers we offer 17 delicious toppings that range from classic to inspired. This is what makes Plaza Pizza in Heath, Ohio stand out among the independent pizzeria crowd.

Plaza Pizza: A Tradition of Better Pizza in Heath

In 1971, Plaza Pizza opened its doors in Newark, Ohio (and later, we brought Plaza Pizza to Heath). The initial focus was to make great pizza that people would come back to time and again.

The original owners succeeded in that, creating classic and delicious recipes for pizza sauce and handmade dough. They sourced fresh ingredients for the toppings, and built a menu of delicious pizzas.

Pizza lovers in Newark knew then they’d found something special. For more than 50 years, that landmark Plaza Pizza restaurant served Newark, Ohio, and surrounding areas, creating memories and becoming the favorite of pizza enthusiasts. Locals touted Plaza Pizza as the best in Ohio.

When people would visit and discover Plaza Pizza, they’d often add our food to their itinerary on every return visit to town. We became so much more than a mom and pop pizzeria to our customers; we became an institution.

There was nothing like Plaza Pizza in Newark. Our customers love our traditional recipes, classic ingredients, and a signature thin crust that gives a satisfying cracker crunch with every bite.

They also love our less traditional ingredients for endless combinations that make up Ohio’s favorite pizza. This is the pizza the Claggett family grew up eating for special family events, large gatherings, or on nights when pizza just sounded like a delicious dinner.

A New TraditionPlaza Pizza in Heath, Ohio

When the original owners announced they were ready to retire in 2019, the Claggetts weren’t ready to say goodbye to this Ohio pizza staple. So with some advice from the wider Claggett family, three Claggett siblings—Brian, Ben, and Olivia—took ownership of the Plaza Pizza restaurant to preserve the traditions and continue serving the people of Ohio.

Along with opening a new Plaza Pizza in Heath, Ohio, the Claggetts recognized there was some room for modernizing how Plaza Pizza operated.

The original Newark location only accepted cash payments and orders were placed in person or over the phone. Now, both locations of Plaza Pizza, in Heath and Newark, take orders online through our website, and through the app Toast Takeout.

Customers can also now pay electronically with a debit or credit card for maximum convenience and security. Of course, customers can still call and speak to us over the phone, or order in person. We love chatting with our regulars and getting to know new people! Our second location of Plaza Pizza in Heath, Ohio helps us reach even more people than before.

If You’re Looking for Pizza in Heath, Look No Further than Plaza Pizza

Eating and ordering habits are changing, even in Ohio, where tradition is still important. The Claggett family loves the same things about Plaza Pizza that decades of customers have loved, and we’re doing our best to keep this beloved brand going for another 50 years.

What’s the “best pizza near me?” It’s Plaza Pizza. Order today and experience pizza done right, with exceptional quality and fresh, delicious toppings, served with top-notch customer service and convenience. That’s Plaza Pizza in Heath, Ohio.

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