It's About Dog - Fur Parents’ Favorite Handbook

It's About Dog - Fur Parents’ Favorite Handbook

From Valeria Alex

Itaboutdog is one of the comprehensive platforms on the internet launched to provide dog owners with everything they need to take care of their paw buddies.

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Itaboutdog is one of the comprehensive platforms on the internet launched to provide dog owners with everything they need to take care of their paw buddies.

Aapt Dubey, the man behind the platform, is an avid pet lover and wanted to create something that helps pet parents learn more about their furry ones and care for and connect with them better. Thus, he created Its About Dog, which bridges this gap through resources like how-to guides, grooming essentials, dietary tips, and many more.

"Effective training is a partnership between you and your dog based on love, trust as well as science, and that can only happen with scientifically driven methods,” said the founder. As dog owners, when you bring home a pup, we are always trying to search for the best training manuals for our dogs. Well, to relieve you from these endless worries, Its About Dog has a dedicated section for all your training requirements.

Training a dog takes six months to a year and is a rigorous procedure involving a strict schedule, primary command activation, potty training, and socialization training. Its About Dog has detailed articles with benefits of training and training modules according to your dog's age. These constructive training plans will help you to achieve the desired results and essentially help you give good training for your dog.

Every dog is different, and so is its breed. So, if you are adopting dogs for the first time, you must have proper knowledge of the breeds. And the site authors have curated some basic information about the kind of dogs suitable for a first-timer and what you can expect from such breeds.

You will find articles on a wide range of dog breeds and their caring. Some breeds covered include Cane Corso, Rottweiler, Golden Retrievers, French Bulldog, German Shepherd, Poodle, Beagle, Dachshund, etc.

Cane Corso is a bright, trainable, and assertive dog. They are pretty intelligent, loyal, and affectionate to their pet owners. However, they are also assertive; hence they must be socialized with people and dogs early.

Since Cane Corso demands additional care, Its About Dog has a dedicated section related to the dietary patterns, training resources, and socialization techniques that pet owners can use if they consider adopting a Cane Corso. Hence, head over to the whole world of Cane Corso under the Dog Breeds section.

Whether you have just adopted your four-legged friend or are an experienced dog owner, most of us struggle with what to feed our dogs and what not to food. Dubey commented, "a dog's future is in their bowl; hence put things on it wisely." Since dogs are essentially carnivores and can eat certain omnivorous foods, Its About Dog advises that it is crucial to ensure that the dogs' food is complete and balanced for its age and medical issues, if any.

In its food diet section, the site mentions food like cranberries, yellow squash, mandarine, oysters, okra, etc., that can be fed to dogs in a moderate amount with detailed instructions about how each of the food items should be fed. It also mentions that food like lamb bones, Oreos, tomato juice, and other products should never be provided to your four-legged friend.

They also have a section where they teach dog owners to make different types of homemade food for their dogs, like boiled chicken, healthy treats at home, dog cake, etc. You can also sign up for the newsletter, so you don't miss out on any information. That is why their platform is the ultimate handbook for dog owners.

The amount of food your dog needs generally depends upon the age and breed of the dog. Thus, Its About Dog has dedicated sections of dietary tips for dogs as per their age. The highly researched articles address every worry you might encounter, ranging from the types of allergies or side effects of certain foods or popular dog-friendly recipes.

Like humans, your four-legged friend can also develop various diseases like allergies, conjunctivitis, stomach issues, etc. Therefore, your dog must have a proper diet, regular exercise, grooming, and routine checkups to stay in top form.

The site has various articles related to your dogs' health ailments and resources to treat severe diseases of blindness and lymphoma for your furry friends.

So, if you are a dog owner or striving to be one, Its About Dog shall be the right one-stop platform for your needs.

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