Help my friends restart their LIFE after pandemic hit

Help my friends restart their LIFE after pandemic hit

From William Nks

I am raising funds for my friends, donations will go towards food items, paying for their rent, utility bills, medical expenses, support me to ease my friend's suffering and also cause them to live again with a smile

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Hello Supporters!

My name is William, My friends are among the greatly affected by Coronavirus and 87.5% of them are daily wage workers who lost their jobs and their source of income. Today, I’m reaching out to you on behalf of them who are without jobs and money. They are uncertain about where their next meal will come from, who are sick but can’t afford healthcare, can’t pay rent & school fees..

Although the economy is gradually opening up, things are not yet back to normal. Everyday, the streets are littered with daily wage workers looking for any menial job to put food on their tables and they still come back home with that painful smile that says all is not well.

And as the number of infected cases continues to increase, there is a need to reach out to my friends & broken families struggling financially. There is a need to help them meet their daily needs, by giving them food items, paying for their rent, utility bills, medical expenses. There is a need to support them until they can get back on their feet or have some form of income. In the time past, I and my family always helped those in need. But, life after the pandemic is not also easy on us, and I believe you can help us give them chance of survival. 

Which is why I’m reaching out to you. 

Helping those struggling financially is a very big responsibility and I’m requesting the total amount of $75,000. My friends without job or support need any kind of assistance you can offer to them. And your donations will go a long way in getting them food items, paying rent and utility bills for them and also covering their medical expenses. So, I’m reaching out to you to go through our crowdfunding campaign and become the helper of these people desperately need.

Your donations and support towards our $75,000 goal will ease their suffering and also cause them to smile again. It will also be a service to humanity, Every contribution counts and I’ll be very happy to receive your donations for this life changing cause. 

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Via BTC- 36FPpDyStc5ySCogSdJzcpUHUQ92mVFHyT

"A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed"

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