Is There a St John’s Wood Dentist That Supports Nervous Pati

Is There a St John’s Wood Dentist That Supports Nervous Pati

From Zain Liaquat

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You will struggle to find anybody that enjoys going to the dentist. Some people accept that it is something they have to do to take care of their oral health. But, it is also common for people to be nervous about the appointment and dread going. It is believed that around 36 per cent of people actually have dental anxiety.


If you fall into the category of being nervous or anxious, you will know that choosing the right dentist is imperative. When you have a professional that is understanding and caring, this can make a huge difference in your experience. It can put your mind at ease and make sure the appointment passes quickly.


Know that there are dentists out there that make sure they offer additional support for nervous patients. So, if you are looking for a dentist in St John’s Wood that offers this, there are some you can check out. Let’s take a look at what they might be able to offer you.


Dental Sedation


Dentists want to ensure that patients are as calm as possible during procedures. It makes their job a lot easier, and ensures they can deliver the best care to their patients. Then, there are dentists that go further and want patients to feel at home and safe in their practice. They can offer solutions such as dental sedation. For example, Smile Cliniq is a dental practice in St John’s Wood that offers dental sedation. You can learn about their services at and inquire about dental sedation as an option. The team is going to be happy to explain how the process works.


This treatment means that you are going to be given sedative medications. As a result, you will feel tired and sleepy, which automatically makes you more relaxed for the procedure to go ahead. Note that you will not be asleep, but the tension and anxiety can be removed from the situation. Therefore, you are not receiving a general anaesthetic.


IV Dental Sedation


The first option can be IV dental sedation. This is given to you in a way that will enter the bloodstream. While you can feel like you are asleep, you are conscious through the procedure. Thus, you can feel like you are able to unwind and not have those anxious thoughts. The effects of IV dental sedation can be realised quickly. After the procedure, it will be necessary to have a chaperone. But, most people can move around freely without any problems.


Professional dental practices will ensure they take your blood pressure, pulse and oxygen readings beforehand. During the treatment, a nurse and anaesthetist will be present too. Thus, this is classed as a safe and comfortable procedure.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Another option is oral conscious sedation. As the name suggests, this is taken orally instead of through an IV. Often, you will take a prescription the night before and another in the morning before your appointment. Together, they are going to work as a sedative to make you feel sleepy and more relaxed.

In some cases, the dentist can still give you a local anaesthetic. This is to enhance the feeling of relaxation and to make sure that you are going to be calm during the procedure. Again, the tiredness feeling will rush through your body and you should be able to cope with the procedure much better.


Are there Side Effects to Dental Sedation?

Most people have heard about sedation and how it can have side effects. Often, they are thinking about a general anaesthetic and what that can make you feel like. It is different from dental sedation, which is a local anaesthetic. Generally, the side effects are minimal. Some people say that they feel drowsy and tired afterwards. This should wear off after a few hours. Then, some patients will have a dry mouth and headache. This can feel like fogginess. It is likely that you will not remember much of the procedure. This is often a relief for most people since they have fear and anxiety to begin with

Generally, there are some things you should before dental sedation. They can help you feel better during the experience and minimise the side effects. For example, you should stop eating at midnight before the surgery. This includes not drinking water. You should always have someone accompany you for the procedure. They will make it easier to get home since you will not be permitted to drive.

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