Is the CISA Test in 2021 Still Useful?

Is the CISA Test in 2021 Still Useful?

From Sahil Seo

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CISA is useful in industries like finance. As a certificate that was introduced to China early, CISA still attracts tens of thousands of applicants and examinations every year. GooAnn, as a contract training institution, has also conducted CISA training for a long time. GooAnn has its own audit business. As neutral auditors, we need to have the audit qualification first. With the enterprise information office and more and more electronic processes, there are many gaps in professional audit talents. In the financial industry, banks, as well as some large state-owned and private enterprises, there will be corresponding audit departments. IT auditing will also take on a growing role. CISA certificate is a highly recognized certificate both domestically and internationally, which can significantly improve my career development in the auditing industry or the information security industry. Many of our students have enrolled in CISA online through GooAnn training and have gone on to achieve further success.

The Gold Content of CISA

Generally speaking, the value of IT auditing can be summarized in three aspects:

1. Authentication Value

Through auditing, it ensures that the authenticity, integrity, and reliability of the information system of the auditee and the information it processes and produces, as well as the consistency of the policies to be followed, should be reasonably guaranteed. In plain English, IT auditing provides information builders, operators, and users with a guarantee that information risks can be effectively controlled.

2. Promotion Value

The auditor's certification can enhance the level of trust in the organization's information system and facilitate the organization to bring more effectively into the social and economic life. Discover control defects or loopholes through auditing, and put forward suggestions to solve problems, so as to promote the audited units to improve their management level and improve economic benefits. Because the IT auditor reports at a higher level, the implementation of audit rectification is more effective, so the improvement effect on the organization's IT internal control is better.

3. Consulting Value

Auditors help enterprises to establish and improve the internal control system, carry out systematic diagnosis and consultation, and objectively and neutrally help enterprises to reduce risks in the process of information construction. CISA certification is initiated by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). It is a symbol of achievement in the field of Information Systems Audit, Control, and security. It is a global gold certification for IT audit and information security management-related personnel. CISA certification has in fact become the entry-level certification of IT audit work, IT is a necessary qualification for IT audit practitioners. CISA certification is applicable to enterprise information system managers, IT managers, IT auditors, or information consultants, information security vendors or service providers, and other personnel interested in information system auditing.

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