Is Tesco near London open now?

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Recently I decided to fly over to the United Kingdom's second largest city, Bristol , for a week long vacation. As it turns out, Bristol  isn't so close to London, in fact it is four hours away. I thought that was strange since this was the biggest city in the United Kingdom and I'd driven there many times. I did, however, notice a few signs advertising Tesco shop openings in London, one of which was inside the infamous supermarket aisle. So I parked my car and went inside to find the deli I was looking for and what I noticed was very intriguing indeed.

I began to see signs that said something about Tesco starting in that area of London called Hanger Green. The words are" Tesco's New Shop". The ceiling above the entrance to the supermarket is also fashioned in the shape of a cross. Walking through the aisles, it looks like every single counter is painted in white with little blue lights all over them. After about 20 minutes I realized I wasn't actually in a supermarket! I was in an actual shop! There was a row of about eight or so shelves on each side of the store front. Behind those shelves there was a row of shelves painted white with tiny blue lights all over them. In the middle of the store there was a table in the shape of a pyramid. That's the only way you can tell that the store isn't a supermarket. Read more information about Tesco supermarkets here.

I suppose you could say that Tesco's main function is to sell shoes. However, they do have other locations in London as well such as in Camden Town, Shepherd's Court and Clapham Common. In fact the store is expanding greatly in London. In fact I believe it is being set up in the East End of the city where it is set to open next year. When I visited Tesco's supermarket section there were about five large sales happening on the same day. The amount of clothing available seemed very high and the prices weren't cheap. The only brand I recognised was Potters and these seemed to be the cheapest items. I wasn't too impressed with the selection at the till I was standing near the till when I saw James Bond posters plastered all over the place. All I needed to buy then was some clothes.

There are many reasons why Tesco's are such a good place to buy clothes. Tesco extra tend to have a large range of products on their website, which means you can find everything you need. It also means that they offer great customer service. But there's more to Tescobabble than just offering cheap clothes. You will also find that they have a whole range of kitchenware. For example, I happened to come across a great glass bakeware set. Glass bake ware is a recent addition to the market and I'm sure that you will be able to find something here that is a perfect match for your kitchen. As well as this, you will also find other kitchen accessories on offer from a range of different manufacturers. This includes, pots, pans and cutlery.

If you're not convinced yet, I think I have convinced you that Tescobble Cairns isn't just a place for bargain hunters! They have some fantastic deals and are renowned for their generosity in helping local businesses and those in the local community. The city is very lively and you will be able to take part in a lot of cultural events, ranging from comedy clubs to farmer's markets. The area also has many parks, museums and galleries. Another time, just visit and find out all Tesco supermarkets near you.

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