Is it safe to travel to Cancun?

Is it safe to travel to Cancun?

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Are you thinking of going on vacation to the city of Cancun and the Riviera Maya? Surely one of the doubts you have the most is to know if it is safe to travel to this tourist destination in Mexico.

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Are you thinking of going on vacation to the city of Cancun and the Riviera Maya? Surely one of the doubts you have the most is to know if it is safe to travel to this tourist destination in Mexico. Well, let me answer this question here, okay? The short answer is: Yes, yes it is safe and the long answer is the following.

Is it safe to travel to Cancun?

Cancun and the Riviera Maya, like any destination in the world is full of good things and bad things, however; this does not mean that it is not a safe place to vacation. And while, it has been involved in various news that make us evaluate whether or not it is really worth vacationing here, let's be totally honest, what destination is 100% safe?

So as such, the city is a destination like any other and whether luck plays in these cases or not, you can go wrong or you can go right, but the probability of something happening to you is really 1 in 1 million and now we will tell you about some important points to consider, to ensure your safety even more and we those 1 in a million.

As a whole, both Cancun and the Riviera Maya have implemented several protocols whose purpose is to "prevent the spread of COVID-19", both in the local people, as well as in the millions of travelers they receive every year.

And every day, these protocols are being reinforced more and more and they are trying to be stricter with it. However, remember that it is necessary that YOU also help with it, and avoid taking off your mouth cover in "closed" places, avoid going to places where there is a large crowd and of course, always carry an antibacterial gel with you.

It is worth mentioning that most of the contagions to tourists in the city are due to "not following" the basic and necessary protocols. We know Cancun is for fun, but the new normal forces us to change our approach to fun.

IN CANCUN AND THE RIVIERA MAYA AS SUCH UBER DOES NOT EXIST. There are very few units and of these few, none enter the Cancun airport. So forget about this option. The city has private transfer services, buses and public transfer service.

The question here is which one is better? The best option is private service and Airport Transfer Cancun is one of the pioneers in private service.

As such, this transportation agency was one of the first to implement safety protocols, which consist of cleaning and sanitizing the units after each service.

Of course, cabs and public services also have these measures, but they do it at the end of the day and not after each service. So if you want to be sure of COVID.19 and at the same time travel smoothly, private service is your best option.

In fact, even a private transfer is an excellent option if you want to tour the Riviera Maya, for example: If you want to visit Tulum, of course you can take the ADO transportation or the collectives, but none of them will give you the security and confidence that Transfer Cancun's private transportation to Tulum does.

Many people travel to the city with the purpose of having a good time, but at the same time "trying to spend less", this is not bad at all. But precisely because of this, the city has become a real "nest of scammers", who search mainly in social networks and groups of travelers in Cancun unwary people looking to always pay less.

Let's be totally honest, do you really think that spending 5 days in an all-inclusive, 5-star hotel will cost you 200 USD?

The best thing you can do here so that you are not one of these people "duped" by scammers, is to always buy with trusted agencies that have social accounts and reviews from other users.

The city of Cancun is divided in two: Cancun downtown and Cancun Hotel Zone. The hotel zone is the region surrounded by beaches, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and water activities. And it could be said that it is the safest and most secure area of Cancun.

Since it is the "Cara Bonita" (beautiful face), the thousands of visitors are kept safe at all times. So avoid going down to the downtown area of the city and stay in the hotel zone, where the beaches and the sun will be your travel companions.


Cancun really is a safe place and just like any other place, it has its advantages and disadvantages. However, crime and the increase of COVID contagions can discourage many to live the vacation of their dreams. If you follow the recommendations we have just listed and avoid at all costs, going to places you shouldn't, everything will be just fine. See you next time.

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