iPhone USB Flash Drive

iPhone USB Flash Drive

From Brett Miraglia

I am raising money to advertise and market a project I have been working on, an iPhone USB flash drive. It is to help people save storage and transfer files from their phone to the drive instantly to save space.

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I have been working on this project because I have always had the issue of not having enough storage on my phone for the amount of things I want on it. I take a lot of photos since I like to travel a lot and it has become too much for my phone to handle because there is simply not enough space for them all. I would continuously get the error "Not Enough Storage" and be so disappointed that I couldn't take any more photos. 

So, I decided to develop this product to get rid of this issue. I wanted to find a way to completely eradicate the issue of not having enough phone storage to take the photos you want or download what it is that you desire. This is what I came up with; a USB flash drive for the iPhone. It allows you to instantly transfer your files from your phone to the drive to free up space and never again see the error of "Not Enough Storage." 

I need funding because I simply do not have the budget to advertise and market this product and get the name of my brand out there. I plan to use all the funds strictly on marketing the product to make people aware of it so that I can solve this issue for everyone else that experiences it as well. 

I am aware that other companies sell a similar product, but I have strong faith in what I have created because it provides a simple experience, instant satisfaction, and will ultimately allow you to forever get about this issue. Our team developers have implemented an encryption into the device to allow you to password protect all files stored on it so that you have the most security of it. This is what differentiates us the most from others that sell it because we wanted to focus on making sure we could protect the files that our customers are putting on it. The product, site, and everything about our business and brand is ready to go but I am personally struggling to advertise it further since I do not quite have the budget needed for it. 

Ideally, I would like to have a larger amount funded in order to truly grow the name of this brand and product as best as possible, but I figured I could start with the $500 funded to begin testing advertisements and gathering data to see what works best and then scaling it up from there to grow our brand. We have already generated over 100 sales in just a few weeks using broad advertisements on Instagram as well as word of mouth which is where more than 75% of sales came from. We want to begin advertising on Facebook to grow our brand name even more and allow people to see our product and have the opportunity to purchase it to make their lives easier by saving storage in the most simple fashion. 

This funded money would be greatly appreciated as I want to help everyone who experiences this issue and has yet to find a simple way to resolve it. My ultimate goal is to reach a minimum of 100,000 people within the next month and I think with the small $500 budget I will be able to do just that.

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