Investment In Me: A perspective sorely needed today.

Investment In Me: A perspective sorely needed today.

From Kerry Heath

Pay my living and business expenses while transitioning into a career as a freelance writer and author of a successful monetized blog. I would like to change a life… even if it’s just mine. Stop foreclosure on my home.

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I am going to try to keep this brief, but I tend to get wordy; forgive me if this turns into a novel.

I am going to come right out and say it—asking for money is awkward. Rarely do I ever ask for financial assistance from someone unless I know I have the means to pay it back within a few weeks or a month tops. Unfortunately, I am in a rough spot, or I wouldn’t be on this platform seeking aid in the first place. I fully intend to pursue a career as a freelance writer and author of a successful monetized blog to make a living, regardless of the outcome of this request. However, your assistance sure would enable me to pursue this dream sooner rather than later, and this is exactly what I need right now.

I am requesting an investment in me…not just funds to help get my life on track. I want to do something I enjoy for a living. I want the phrase “make a difference” to be more than just a cliché. And I would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to give the sentiment a shot. I know I am meant for something more. I just need the chance to prove it without wearing myself out in the process. 

I’m a bit different from the norm—an oddball with just a smidge of eccentricity to go along with a somewhat complicated, introverted/extroverted persona. For the past 50 years, my life has been an interesting patchwork of calamities and successes. My experiences, in many ways, are relatable to the changes going on around us. I would like to think that the subject matter discussed in my blog posts, in conjunction with my writing contributions for publication, will be a benefit to others in some way. Perhaps my experiences could lead to discussions unique to the normal rhetoric available today. I would like to think that my “voice” will convey an invitation for positive change…even if it’s only on a small scale.

As for the funds, I plan to use your assistance to prevent foreclosure on my home. I worked very hard to buy this home. The last thing I want to do is let this once seemingly impossible milestone fall by the wayside because of financial pitfalls both in and out of my control. The rest of the money I will use to pay my expenses, both personal and professional, while I build my website for my blog and writer’s portfolio. As I said before, I’m a novice writer with a LOT to learn. I will need a little help until I’m on solid footing. That kind of growth might take a while.

Currently, I’m a marketing representative in training at I work for a small commission in exchange for the website build and management services I need to implement my plan to change the world. The rest of my energy is spent driving for Uber, Roadie, Lyft, and Door Dash for supplemental income in the afternoons and on weekends.

The contributions to our company blog has finally given me a bit of professional experience to add to my portfolio, which will contain a decent selection of writing samples to showcase what I can offer a potential client for publication. For example, I will be including a few college essays to emphasize my ability to research and cite source material utilizing both MLA and APA documentation disciplines. A strong collection of personal essays, stories, reviews, and other tidbits of literary goodness will provide a strong foundation for a burgeoning writer like me. Your help will afford me the time to create the content required for success.

As for my blog content, I have no niche. I have way too many interests to tie my blog to one subject. I have a few blog ideas in mind, such as: exploring the drawbacks of being a kitty whisperer; travel goals to meet before an asteroid strike; caring for critters by zodiac sign...stuff like that. This collection of literary masterpieces and more will be essential to my plan to win over tough audiences across the world. My niche is me…just snarky, somewhat offbeat, absolutely fabulous me... and all the good and bad that go along with being me. 

That’s it. That’s the plan. I have a lot to offer this world. I don’t intend on being just a wallflower for much longer. I am asking you to let me be a keyboard warrior in the right way, not just a handle in the comments section of a YouTube video. As corny as this sounds, I would like to change a life… even if it’s just mine. I really appreciate you taking the time to consider my situation.


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