Invest in Plants; Raise funds to plant 5 million trees

Invest in Plants; Raise funds to plant 5 million trees

From Hever Aguilar

Let’s combat the climate crisis by growing forests and expanding our open spaces. Much to Plant a Tree. But the Legacy You Leave Is Priceless.

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From birds and insects, to bats and squirrels, trees provide a canopy and a habitat for many species of wildlife. But they don’t just act as a home for wildlife; the fruits from trees provide food for them too. It is regrettable that humans now have to raise funds for plantation drives, tress and plants have been on this planet before humans came along. Now, it’s shameful that we have to find home and resources for the species that shaped our environment the way it is.

 According to WWF; Peru holds the 10th-most-forested area of any country in the world. Between 2001 and 2019, Peru lost 3.12 million hectares of tree cover (or 4%) too deforestation, resulting in 1.48Gt of CO₂ emissions. In terms of numbers it does not seem to be too catastrophic, but the effects it has on the environment only nurtures global warming and climate change.

We all can wobble up in statistics and try to make a point against deforestation, but to make a real difference it is necessary that all members of the society play their part. Mere donations cannot make our afforestation plans successful, it is of crucial importance that we switch to renewable energy, create green spaces at our work and home.

It is already too late to save the planet from the drastic climate change effects, but we must work now to limit it. Plantation programmes will help us in our mission to make this planet a home for everyone. Many developed and developing countries around the globe have had successful reforestation programmes, it is time we take action in our country in this area.

Act now and donate towards our plantation drives to save our planet from another disaster, amidst economic crises and pandemic.

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