Introducing DressMyCrib's AI+AR Technology - It's a Game Cha

Introducing DressMyCrib's AI+AR Technology - It's a Game Cha

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Get ready for some real rug shopping magic with DressMyCrib's revolutionary tool! This baby combines the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) to make picking the perfect rug a piece of cake. No more wasting time at crowded stores or feeling unsure about your choices - DressMyCrib's got your back!

How Does This Help You?

Here's the scoop on why AI+AR is your new best friend for rug shopping:

1. Bye-Bye Store Hopping: Say farewell to those exhausting store-hopping sessions! With DressMyCrib's AI+AR tech, you can explore a massive collection of rugs right from your comfy couch.

2. Save Those Coins: No need to break the bank on gas or public transport to check out rugs in person. DressMyCrib's got your wallet's back!

3. See It, Love It, Buy It: With AR, you can virtually place the rug in your room and see how it fits from all angles. It's like having a crystal ball to peek into your decorating future!

How Does DressMyCrib Work Its Magic?

Using DressMyCrib is a breeze! Just snap a pic of your room and upload it to - no fancy apps needed. The AI works its mojo and figures out the dimensions of your space. Next thing you know, a treasure trove of rug options appears right in front of you!

When you spot a rug that makes your heart skip a beat, simply click "View in AR" and watch the magic happen. The rug pops up in your room, and you can play around with it to your heart's content - spin it, resize it, and see how it blends in with your decor. It's like rug shopping in a virtual wonderland!

Check out this demo to see how it works -

The Revolutionary Rug Visualizer

But wait, there's more! DressMyCrib's Rug Visualizer is like having a magic carpet that can transform any rug image into a virtual reality experience. Whether you find a rug on Amazon, Pinterest, or even in an old-school catalog, DressMyCrib's got your back. Just upload the image to, pick the rug size, and voila - it appears in your room like it's always been there!

Why DressMyCrib Shines Brighter Than the Rest

DressMyCrib isn't just your average rug shopping portal. Oh no, it's a cut above the rest, and here's why:

1. The Whole Rug Collection at Your Fingertips: DressMyCrib lets you see all the rugs within your realm, making it a unique and user-friendly experience. You won't miss a single gem in this magical trove!

2. Magic Focused on Rugs: Unlike other platforms, DressMyCrib specializes in rug shopping. This means you get top-notch service tailored to your rug-seeking heart's desires!

3. A Never-Ending Tapestry of Choices: DressMyCrib's got a vast collection of rugs from various retailers, giving you an endless array of styles and patterns to choose from. It's like having your own magic genie of rugs!

The Secrets Behind DressMyCrib's Wizardry

So, how does DressMyCrib work its magic? It's all thanks to the fusion of computer vision and machine learning. Computer vision is like the wise old wizard that uses AI to analyze images and figure out your room's dimensions from your uploaded pic. Once it knows your space's magic numbers, it conjures up rug options that fit your domain like a glove.

A Quest For Sustainability

At the heart of DressMyCrib is a noble cause - sustainability! Founder Giedrius Morkunas is on a mission to reduce return rates by up to 50%, without forcing you to download pesky apps or sign up for anything. It's a win-win situation for you and the environment!

Embark on Your Own Rug Quest!

Say goodbye to rug shopping woes and embrace the enchantment of DressMyCrib's AI+AR. Now you can envision your dream rug, unleash your decorating prowess, and let DressMyCrib be your guide on this rug-tastic adventure. Step into the world of AI+AR magic and let the rug quest begin! Happy shopping, fellow rug seekers!

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