International Tiktok Account Registration Tutorial

International Tiktok Account Registration Tutorial

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If you have downloaded and installed the international version of tiktok, (下载安装tiktok)you can log in directly with your domestic mobile phone number, or you can log in with your email address. However, if you have simulated the overseas network environment in China, or you are overseas, then you will have no problem registering and logging in to tiktok. If you don't solve the network environment problem, you can't register and log in to tiktok.

For the simulation of the network environment, domestic partners can use the TK accelerator to connect overseas network nodes, so as to use and watch the tiktok video smoothly throughout the whole process. TK Accelerator is a tool type APP that is specially designed to solve problems for tiktok users. It contains IP nodes from various countries. After my test, the nodes are stable and reliable. Domestic tiktok users who need to simulate the overseas network environment can try it.

When the overseas network environment is successfully simulated, you can open the TikTok software, and a short video of the tiktok platform will appear on the homepage. The tutorial for registering a tiktok account is as follows:

1. Click the profile icon in the lower right corner of the software, and the Sign up button will appear on the page. Click this button

2. After clicking Sign up, the page will display various registration methods, including mobile phone number, email, Facebook, Google, Twitter account, etc. Click to select the method you want to register

3. After selecting the "Use phone or email" registration method, the registration information of phone and email will appear on the page, and you can select your own

4. Take mobile phone number registration as an example, we select phone, and then fill in the mobile phone number. Note that the international area code in front is+86 (China). After entering your mobile phone number, click Send code

5. Then fill in the verification code received by the mobile phone to enter the information setting page, including the settings of birth date, password and nickname, which can be set according to your preferences

At this point, the tiktok account has been registered and logged in! After downloading and registering the tiktok account,(tiktok下载注册) you can start to swipe the tiktok short video!

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