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This Intellectual Disable Children Home & Rehabilitation Center (IDCHRC) aims to provide care, support and protection for forty disable children. This home has three Care Takers and two Teachers.

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& Rehabilitation Center


Ujeli Foundation Nepal(UF NEPAL) is a nongovernmental and nonprofit making, registered behavioral welfare center that was established in 2014 to create humanitarian behavior and services to the needy peoples with different kinds of disabilities from deprived family ,natural calamities, disable people and to rehabilitate them or to use them in development. It was founded on the belief that each person with an intellectual and/or developmental disability has the capacity for growth and development, a right to services that enhance well-being, quality of life, and opportunities to learn. In the changing context, being an organization working in a specific area of disability, the primary aim of the center is to rehabilitate the children in the community like normal children by teaching basic social and practical skills they need in their daily life.

Every child has the right to get the quality education in his or her vicinity. There has been a negative impact in learning to the children with disability due to the lack of disability friendly environment in most of the normal schools. Consequently, denial to admit the children with disability, lack of special care, higher repetition rate, lower promotion rate, and lack of health related services are commonly experiencing across the country. To cope with these problems, UF Nepal has aimed to provide multiple services with better education aiming to rehabilitate for their better life. UF Nepal believes that even those with the most challenging behaviors can respond to dignified interaction in a structured, meaningful program with well-trained and supervised staff and the appropriate client/staff ratio.

In addition to the services provided to the children, there are several other trainings supporting to rehabilitation and therapeutic services to the adults. Different therapeutic services (such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, sensory therapy and medical massage); regular health checkup; transportation services; and morning and day meal are provided in a regular basis.


Mainstreaming the disable children to live an improved and fruitful life by providing care, support & protection through shelter, food and education is our mission.


In spite of planned development and special provision for accelerated socio-economic development of neglected/disadvantaged sections, the issue of disable children is not properly addressed. In our project area many disable Children are found The problem of disable children is acute due to less protection of kids, recent hazardous earthquake, urbanization and industrialization and by birth as well. Due to the Deaths of parents, Re-marriage of Deserted / Widowed / Divorce women, Absence of love and security and care in the families, Family disputes, Unwanted pregnancy of Trafficking / Sexually exploited girls; natural calamities like earthquake ,lack of reproductive education and child care children are left without care and support. These children are left with no love and care and no mercy at all. Therefore, we envisage mainstreaming these children to live an improved life by providing care, support and protection by putting them in common SCHOOL / HOME. The project proposed in this scheme is meant for additional support to run the child care home and rehabilitation center.


This Intellectual Disable Children Home & Rehabilitation Center (IDCHRC) aims to provide care, support and protection for forty disable children. This home has three Care Takers and two Teachers. A doctor is conducting health check-up & providing medicines. All the inmates are being provided with three time nutritious food, one set of books and two sets of uniforms. Every child has opportunity for indoor and out-door recreation and play facilities along with training in crafts and hobbies.


The problem of disable children is acute due to natural calamities like earthquake, urbanization, industrialization lack of reproductive health care and child care. Recent 7.8 rector’s earthquake in our area aggravated the situation further. Due to less care take, no health checkup ,due to natural calamities, accidents and no return from them disable children are left without care and support. There for without any care take, they are living their very hard life basis as well as vocational training.


We have identified disable children and providing food, shelter and education facilities for all children. We are arranging learning facilities & health check-up, medicines, cosmetics, one set of books & two sets of uniform every year. This proposal covers forty intellectually ill children. Every child is being provided with nutritional diet, indoor & outdoor recreation and play facilities and training in crafts and hobbies.


This project has potential & impact full in main streaming of disable children. Their basic needs are met & they will get new life through gaining knowledge, vocational skills & life skills. They will get love & affection as if their parents provides. Their confidence level will increase & become good asset to the community. They are developed physically & psychologically & will develop as good & productive citizens. They will inspire by philanthropy & show humanity towards the community.


·         To provide disable a childhood that they never experienced and help them to become useful members of the society.

·         To encourage disable children to kindle their potential by providing creative opportunities.

·         To make available a secure place where disable children can play and enjoy their childhood.

·         To provide basic education to disable

·         To provide such welfare services like free lodging, boarding, health and recreation

·         To provide basic literacy and facilities for those who wish to study further

·         To select and prepare for a vocation in order to live on their own legs

·         To accomplishing physical, intellectual and aesthetic development of the child


·         Identification of disable children

·         Pre-view of the incoming disable children problem/difficulties

·         Emotional acceptance of the child

·         Teaching facilities for basic education

·         Teaching facilities for vocational courses and crafts.

·         Lodging and boarding facilities for all inmates.

·         Recreational facilities

·         Primary health.


We have been identifying disable child through our volunteers, citizens, police, and social people welfare department. We Pre-view of the incoming disable child problems/difficulties. We counsel and arrange for Emotional acceptance of the disable child. They are arranged with teaching facilities within the shelter. We also provide recreation and health care.

We have been running the disable home with local donations and contributions only. We are mobilizing both cash and kind. We have limited resources to take care of about forty disable children. But, day by day number of children is increasing due to various reasons. The main reason of this is recent shocking earthquake of Nepal. We need additional support from the donors and help from all over the world to meet the needs of increasing disable children in our center. We seek support for about three year.

Meanwhile, we will sustain to mobilize continues local donations through exhibiting our good work and service. We are planning to build permanent home by acquiring land from the donors and philanthropists.

This home will have three Care Takers who besides handling day-to-day administration and will look after the Ashram (child Home) as warden. Two Teachers teaches the children for education and communicative skills. A doctor will be appointed as Center Medical Attendant on honorarium and all the inmates will be provided with health check-up, medicines, food, cosmetics, one set of books and two sets of uniform every year.

The proposal covers forty mental disable children. Every child will be provided with nutritional diet, indoors and out-door recreation and play facilities and training in crafts and hobbies. 


The project will be monitored at regular intervals through a “project advisory committee (PAC)” constituted with the president of the organization as convener/member secretary. Authorities from the Funding Agency, Local District Administration etc. nominated as members to the project advisory committee. This committee would meet periodically once in 3 months and advise on various aspects concerning implementation of project and review of the programs/activities undertaken. The Project Advisory Committee will also review the accounts and audited statements.


The implementation of the project will be closely monitored joint monthly/quarterly monitoring visits will be made to project sites. Monitoring reports containing findings will be made available to all stakeholders and funding agencies of this project. Quarterly review meetings will also be carried out by the stakeholders. Annual review meetings will also be held in all divisions in which the project is intervening.

With regards to evaluation a mid-term project review shall be conducted. This will assess the level of progress and identity constraints faced. It will also come up with solutions to the existing problems and possibly redirect the project activities of the need.

An end of project a review and evaluation shall be carried out. This will be undertaken in a participatory manner bring together all players in the project implementation. A participatory evaluation checklist will be developed.


Intellectual Disorder in Children cannot be cured within a year or 3 years or in life time too. This is very complicated and sensible case that who will look after orphan and Disable children. So this is continuous process so that three years project is not enough. So the project plan and budget estimation goes through the time and needs. After the completion of 3 years project, Advisory committee meeting will be seated concerning for the continuity of the project or either handover and safe landing the project towards Government body, civil society or other social organizations.


Estimated Cost for three year’s project in Nepali Currency: Rs 98, 42,500

Estimated Cost for three year’s project in US Dollars: $ 98,425

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