Instagram Growth Tips For Your Next Fundraising Event

Instagram Growth Tips For Your Next Fundraising Event

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Achieving phenomenal Instagram growth is one of the most powerful things any business can do. As one of the most popular platforms in the world, Instagram is home to more than 1 billion monthly users. These Instagram fans are also highly engaged, with many checking their profile daily.

For companies in search of fundraising opportunities, Instagram offers a unique opportunity. The visual environment is ideal for reaching customers on an emotional level. You can drive interest in your brand through Instagram Stories, connect with investors through Reels, and share regular updates on your Instagram news feed.

What’s more, Instagram is a highly community-driven space, ideal for attracting attention for peer-to-peer, crowdfunding and similar strategies. The question is, how do you unlock the power of Instagram growth for your next fundraising event?

Instagram Growth Tips For Fundraising

Speed is key in any fundraising activity. It’s important for brands to be able to capture the attention of their audience quickly, so you can rapidly bring your idea to life. Unfortunately, while Instagram represents a powerful tool for growing brands, the high number of corporations and non-profits already using the landscape can make it hard to stand out.

An Instagram growth service can give you the initial boost you need to accelerate your funding opportunities. Notably, it’s important to look for a growth service that delivers real Instagram followers. After all, the people you attract to your profile need to be genuinely engaged by your business if they’re going to invest in you.

An organic growth service allows you to track down followers by targeting the fans of other accounts similar to your organization. For instance, if you were trying to attract people who might invest in your animal sanctuary, you might target brands like the @RSPCA.

Once you’ve chosen your targets, your growth service will reach out to the followers of those accounts, liking their posts and directing attention back to your profile. This helps you to target like-minded followers with a genuine interest in companies like yours.  

Engagement is key to a successful Instagram campaign for fundraising companies. A hashtag strategy can help to generate engagement, by encouraging your customers to get involved with your brand. While trending hashtags can help to make your organization more visible on Instagram, a branded hashtag helps get your business in front of new audiences, and creates user-generated content.

To create a trending hashtag, you’ll need to think of a simple term or phrase you can ask your customers to share. For instance, the Hygiene Bank in Ireland uses the #SkytoSeaChallenge hashtag to get people involved in sharing their efforts to make the world a kinder place.

Once you have your memorable hashtag, you can use it to generate brand awareness. For instance, you could run a competition asking people to create their own images and videos using your branded hashtag for a chance to win a prize.

You can also use your hashtag whenever you’re promoting your fundraising event, to make it easier for customers to find information about your efforts when they’re keeping up with your brand online.

In an environment as fast-paced as the fundraising landscape, it often helps to augment your organic content strategy with some extra support. Running Instagram growth ad campaigns improves your chances of reaching the correct audience in your area. Thanks to the powerful targeting capabilities created by Facebook for Instagram, you can direct your ads towards the people most likely to invest.

Instagram’s wide range of advertising options make it easier to get in front of your audience in a range of ways too. You can promote posts on the Explore page using valuable messages and eye-catching images to connect with your customers emotionally.

You’ll also be able to display ads in the Stories and Reels section of Instagram, ensuring you engage your customers wherever they are. Video ads can be an excellent tool for showcasing the work you’re doing in your business, and getting people excited about your vision.

Alternatively, a carousel ad could be a great way to showcase testimonials and statements from people who have already invested in your fundraising event. Remember, keep an eye on your Instagram Insights to determine which of your campaigns have the biggest results.

Influencers play a huge part in many purchasing and investment decisions for modern customers. One of the best ways to accelerate Instagram growth, is to connect with an influencer who already has the attention of your target audience. Remember, around 61% of people say they trust the recommendations influencers make.

Influencers appeal to customers and supporters looking for brands they can trust. Even smaller influencers can have a huge impact on your credibility. The key to success is finding the right people to work with. The best partners will be those who share your visions and values. For instance, the MS Association of America worked with Selma Blair in honor of their 52nd anniversary.

When making the most of your Instagram influencer campaigns, remember to take full advantage of your partner’s skills. Rather than simply asking your influencers to share your content, ask for their opinions on how you can encourage Instagram growth. They might be able to do live interviews with your brand to share information about your campaign with a wider audience.

Some influencers might even be willing to do mini brand takeovers, where they take control of your account for a day, and share content specifically designed to draw more audience attention.

Finally, if you want to thrive on social media and generate as much growth as possible, you’ll need to be willing to invest in the latest tools offered by the platform. Certain segments of Instagram can attract more attention than others. For instance, Reels are shared frequently by Instagram users, particularly younger fans, making them ideal for capturing attention.

Reels are easy to create, thanks to their fast-paced and authentic nature. They’re also a great way to get your audience engaged with hashtag challenges. You can use mini videos to highlight some of your recent accomplishments in your fundraising strategy. Or you can simply showcase some of the work you’ve been doing, to keep investors informed.

For instance @HelpForHereos regularly uses Instagram Reels as a way to inspire their audience and tell emotional stories about their efforts.

On the other hand, Instagram stories attract around 500 million accounts each day. These easy-to-make pieces of content are also fantastic for showing behind-the-scenes insights into your fundraising events. What’s more, they come with a wide range of great features to take advantage of. You can use stickers for collecting donations to Instagram stories, and host polls to collect useful insights from your target audience.

You’ll also be able to add important segments of your Stories to your “Highlights” section at the top of your profile, which can increase the amount of time people spend interacting with your content.

Prioritize Instagram Growth For Your Fundraising Event

Attracting attention and engagement for a new fundraising effort can be a complex process. However, social platforms like Instagram can make the experience much simpler. With Instagram, companies and non-profits can connect with their audience on an emotional level, and pave the way for greater levels of hype and support.

The key to success is investing in your Instagram growth as consistently as possible. The more you reach your audience through Instagram, the more chance you have of generating the best ROI from your event. 

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