Legal & Medical Assistance

Legal & Medical Assistance

From Amanda Elam

Jordan Arambula (left) was sentenced to a 5-year prison sentence for a first-time offense. He drove under the influence and as a result, caused a car accident involving two other people, one of which was badly injured...

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Jordan Arambula, the son of a very dear friend of mine, made a reckless and careless decision last year. A decision that sadly, too many people make. In fact, I’d wager a number of people reading this have done the same thing but fortunately made it safely to their destination.  He got behind the wheel while intoxicated. Only he didn’t make it to his destination safely. Instead he ending up crashing into another vehicle causing serious injuries to one person, and irrevocably changing the life for all involved.  There is no excuse; it’s tragic, it’s reckless, but Jordan knows it.

Let’s back up, Jordan was 21 at the time, amidst turmoil at home and a little adrift and unfocused, he fell in with the wrong crowd. He was a good kid, caught up in activities beyond his maturity level. This accident changed him, and he realized he was headed down a road that led nowhere good. He immediately began to make restitution. He returned to church, began focusing on school, landed a great job and earned the respect of his co-workers and eliminated any negative influences in his life. He became a part of our family as well. I have been extremely impressed with his resiliency, repentance and desire to make something positive out of this awful situation.

Then, yesterday, he attended his sentencing hearing and was sentenced to 5-years in state prison for this offense. I ask you - how does that help the injured party? How does that rehabilitate Jordan? Jordan is 100% responsible to those he injured - for the REST of his life - but sending a 21-year-old kid who made a very bad decision to jail does not benefit anyone. I don’t believe he represents an ongoing threat to himself or others, and I think punishment can be applied without throwing him behind bars. Prison as a primary response to a crime is ineffective and inefficient. Taking a young man that is on the right track, and setting him back  five years, surrounding him with criminals, and stalling his efforts to become a positive member of society does nothing other than provide vindication. You’ve heard the old adage ‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’. Instead, we think a shorter sentence, and other restrictions on his life like: increased monetary obligations to those he injured and service to the community is a better approach. Let’s not take the spark started here and squash it behind concrete walls.

I started this fund to help the family pay for an appeal process. For an attorney who will help negotiate fair punishment for Jordan that actually HELPS those involved in this tragedy. In addition, any money not used for legal fees will go straight to those injured for their daily needs.

Please help us ensure justice is done here; that a young man does not have his life ruined by a terrible mistake AND that the injured parties actual receive some benefit. Jordan going to jail does nothing for them.

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