Infertility Journey: Meeks In The Making

Infertility Journey: Meeks In The Making

From Ashley Pratt

Hello! My husband and I are raising money for our fertility journey after 7 years ttc, we have finally received a diagnosis! Insurance wont cover everything for our Laproscopy, Please share if you cant donate! Thank you!

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Hello! My name is Ashley Pratt, I'm 30 years old, I'm from Carrollton GA, I've been with my husband Ryan for 7 years married for almost 4 years. We met when I was 22 after returning from school in Connecticut we reconnected through face book, being we went to high school together it was very easy to catch back up right where we left off <3 We fell in love instantly, a few dates and one late night kiss I knew this was the man I was going to marry! He has a son from a previous relationship whom I LOVE so very much, he's so much more than my bonus baby---> FAST FORWARD.. Man and Woman fall in love, man and woman move in together, man and woman want to start a family---> STOP. That should be the end of it right?!... Unfortunately for me that is not the case. We've been TTC (trying to concieve) for 7 years and nothing, waiting for God to provide as everyone assured us would happen.. 2 years go by, nothing.. Changed my diet, dropped 25lbs, adopted a hobby, cleared my mind and didn't worry about it like everyone said to. 4 years go by still nothing.. Thinking i could still do this on my own and its just not the right timing, we kept trying... 6 years go by as our concerns start to grow that there might be something medically wrong, HERE WE ARE 2021, We finally started the process of medical intervention, bloodwork, ultra sounds, HSG, AND after 7 years we were finally diagnosed! Hydrosalpinx of the right fallopian tube with pelvic adhesions, with a uterine polyp and a blocked left tube.. FINALLY and answer! We were scheduled for a Laproscopy ( procedure where they go in through the stomach cut out the hydrosalpinx which pumps toxic fluid back into the uterus ruining any chance of conception, remove the polyp and unblock the remaining tube) My husband works for an underground power company and I'm a sales rep at Verizon wireless and our insurance only covers a small piece of the procedure and we are desperate to give our son a sibling that he has been begging us for! We are just regular people hoping to expand our family no more no less, we are exhausted, we are defeated, lets just say we are almost at the end of our ropes... But we refuse to give up... They wont touch me unless we make a down payment and with us in the process of buying our first home and closing in the next week we have a month to come up with the money or cancel and reschedule.. I'm not asking for the full amount just something so I can get in the operating room, I have an amazing doctor and she has done so much to help as thus far! Even if its so much as a dollar we would be forever grateful <3 I dont know if anyone will see this, or if anyone can even help but if you could just pray for us, and you cant donate that is worth more money to us than anything! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and consider Baby Meeks in the Making <3

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