From Jennifer Berryman

We are facing an unprecedented threat to the survival of one of the treasures of the Sea of Cortez, La Paz Bay

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 A massive dredging operation is dramatically disrupting life in the Ensenada de La Paz (the inner harbor and anchorage). This is harming dolphins, sea lions, and the entire food chain in the bay.

The dredging is being carried out by the Mexican Navy, operating in violation of Mexican law without having conducted environmental impact studies and without regard for fragile habitat affected by the toxic dredge plume and the dumping.

The operation is dredging the bottom 3 meters deeper, and dumping more than 300,000 cubic meters of sediment -- including sediments contaminated with heavy metals -- into the waters at the mouth of the Bay of La Paz.

These contaminated sediments are being dispersed in the water, poisoning the entire food chain, from plankton and krill to shellfish, fish, and eventually large animals like dolphins, whales, and sharks.

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