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We're raising funds to provide support to the families of Pavel and Kiryl, deceased in Boston on 03/29. This contribution will help ease the families' financial burden and offer some comfort as they navigate this tragedy

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Pavel Vekshin and Kiryl Schukin were two extraordinary men whose lives were cut short by needless violence “The Boston Globe”. They were the closest of friends who had a shared immigration story and were living their best lives in the Greater Boston Area. Pavel and Kiryl had infectious smiles and generous spirits celebrated by all who knew them. For those of us who were lucky enough to call them our friends, we have a hole in our hearts that can only be filled with the bright memories of their smiles and the sound of their laughs.

Our aim is to gather funds that will be used to assist Pavel and Kiryl's families during this challenging time. Although nothing can ever replace the loss that their loved ones are feeling, we believe that by contributing to this cause, we can offer some relief and support to Pavel and Kiryl's families. Every donation, regardless of its size, can make a meaningful difference in honoring their memory and helping their families cope with this difficult period.

Pavel, 28, also known as Pasha, emigrated to the United States in 2018 to pursue his dream of becoming a professional photographer for magazines. He was beyond talented, he could see the beauty in everything! Just take a look at his

He captured the spirit of Boston and Philadelphia, anywhere he went! He loved vintage cars and anything that has a history. He collected vinyl records and loved jazz music. He was an old soul with a great taste for life! He loved life, he loved his beautiful plants, he couldn’t wait to see Boston Magnolia blooms. He just loved!

Everyone saw his passion in street photography. Pasha was thrilled finding out that one of his photos got into a magazine for foreign travelers and fans of Wes Anderson. Another one of his photos was even displayed on Exhibition in Seoul, South Korea. They were planning to print postcards with his photography and sell all around Asia.

Pasha had a true talent, a gift, a great taste and a sharp eye for details! His friends are trying to organize an exhibition of his photography in Boston dedicated to his life and the work that he loved. We will keep you updated. 

Pasha will be remembered as a true friend, as a very kind and caring person, who was extraordinary gifted in many ways. Pavel could light up the whole world just with his presence. He had a genuine love for his friends, plants, photography, traveling and life in general. He radiated with so much joy and happiness that it was really mesmerising. He was a real inspiration! We will miss him deeply…

Kiryl, 37, just like Pavel moved to the United States for better life. 

Kiryl was a remarkable person who embodied a unique combination of qualities that made him stand out from the crowd.

First and foremost, Kiryl was an incredibly caring and supportive friend. He had a natural talent for putting people at ease and always knew the right thing to say to help others feel better. He listened attentively and provided thoughtful, practical advice that helped his friends confidently navigate life’s challenges.

In his professional life, Kiryl was a true expert in Сlouds and Cybersecurity. He was renowned for his unsurpassed technical skills and deep understanding of the field. As a Cybersecurity Evangelist, he was always eager to share his knowledge and experience with others, whether through speaking engagements, creating innovative products, arranging training sessions, or one-on-one mentoring.

As a talented Lead Solution Architect, Kiryl had a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset that allowed him to design and implement robust cybersecurity solutions for even the most complex environments. He was respected and trusted by his colleagues and clients alike, and his contribution to the field resulted in highest recognition and numerous awards.

Beyond his work in cybersecurity, Kiryl had a passion for travel. He loved exploring new places, immersing himself in different cultures, and meeting new people.

Whether sightseeing in urban area or lounging on a tropical beach, he approached every adventure with curiosity and enthusiasm, always eager to learn and grow.

Kiryl will be remembered as the most caring and supportive friend, a knowledgeable and passionate cybersecurity professional, and a curious and adventurous traveler. His unique blend of qualities made him an inspiring and impressive person, and anyone who had the privilege of knowing him was fortunate indeed.

Kiryl is survived by his Mother Ludmila. He cared about her and loved her very much, always tried his best to be a good son.

And Pasha is survived by his dear Grandmother Anna and Mother Olga.

We really hope this fundraising will give us a chance to help and support Kiryl’s and Pavel’s families during this difficult time. 

Thank you very much for your kindness, support and prayers. 

We really appreciate it.

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