Improve Employee Happiness and Boost Their Productivity

Improve Employee Happiness and Boost Their Productivity

From Syed Kashif Ali

Making employees fall in love with the company can be a great source to achieve business objectives effectively.

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Companies didn’t care much about their employees in the past. Today, business organizations have started to give importance to staff happiness. Still, a large number of people working in different companies don’t feel comfortable with their job.

A recent study by Gallup found that just 15% of the global workforce like doing their job. It means the rest of the 85% work unwillingly, just to earn their livelihood. 

There’s a huge gap that needs to be filled. Employee satisfaction can lead to more productivity. According to Harvard Business Review, contented staff can increase sales by 37%, task accuracy by 19%, and overall productivity by 31%.

Keeping these facts in mind, companies should start making efforts to make their employees happy. They should feel great about the workplace. It will be beneficial for both, workforce and the company.

Why Workplace Happiness Matters?

There are solid reasons why workplace happiness is crucial to achieving a productive working environment. Here are some of the key facts:

  • Happier employees are up to 31% more productive

  • Companies can observe up to a 37% increase in sales

  • Happiness leads to a constructive work environment 

  • An average company can see up to an 8% annual rise in stock value

  • Pleased staff improves task accuracy by 19%

  • Employees stay committed to working long-term for the company

  • Staff will ensure a good customer relationship

Making employees fall in love with the company can be a great source to achieve business objectives effectively. 

Organizations that fail to meet their goals adopt different strategies to tackle productivity issues. They invest in marketing campaigns, which seldom work. It’s like treating a disease with the wrong pill. They should foster strategies to improve workspace culture instead of making larger investments in advertising.

It is a fact that happiness and productivity are directly connected. If you want to increase productivity, then you will have to ensure all proper ways that lead to employee happiness.

How Netflix Uses Happiness as a Productivity Tool

Netflix, the world’s leading streaming service, is keen to make its employees more content with their job. The company does everything that you can imagine to please its workforce.

Netflix offers a yearlong paid leave to its employees who enter parenthood.

Isn’t that amazing?

You get plenty of time to spend with your new baby. Nothing can be more pleasing than having an entire year without work and financial worries.

Here are some other benefits that Netflix offers to its staff:

       Up to $15,000 yearly allowance to cover healthcare

       Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Account

       Vision Service Plan to ensure proper eye health

       Delta Dental Plan to prevent tooth problems

       Unrestricted working hours

       Free delicious lunches

       Cell phone discounts and worker stock purchase plan

That’s the reason why the Netflix workforce is always dedicated to delivering its best, regardless of the given circumstances. Wise employers understand that only smiling employees can perform their tasks flawlessly. Because of this they never compromise on staff happiness.

How to Improve Employee Happiness?

Once companies understand the true significance of employee satisfaction, they begin to explore ways through which they can achieve it.

There are some true and tried strategies that business organizations can follow to promote a happier working environment at the workplace.

1)   Give Respect

Everyone deserves respect at the workplace. A demoralized worker cannot be happy at the office. Each person in your organization is playing its part in the company’s success. You need to acknowledge this fact and praise the efforts of your team. Try to give them the ultimate respect to achieve better results. According to experts, there are many ways to promote the culture of admiration. Companies make big investments to do well in the market. However, very few focus on giving respect to their employees.

Make sure the management is courteous, polite, and kind even under hard conditions. Listen to your employees and pay attention to their emotions. Be thankful for the efforts that they put in to make your organization successful. Don’t let the opportunity of appreciation go wasted.

2)   Improve Work-Life Balance

Human beings have emotions, relationships, and families. They are not robots to work without feeling for their loved ones. At the same time, not all employees have the same level of resilience. You can’t expect the same output from everyone. Companies who want to see better productivity should give priority to work-life balance.

Let your employees have a good time with their friends and families. Don’t let them feel under pressure even when they are outside the business entity. Create ease for them so that they feel good at the workplace.

3)   Offer Reward Programs

Employees work hard to let your company come through with flying colors.

What do they get in return?

Just the basic salary alongside a few words of thankfulness, right? That’s not just enough to leave a good impression.

Try to offer reward programs to your workers. It will work to make them fall in love with their jobs. Occasional rewards are crucial to foster an optimistic mindset. The prize you offer should be worth waiting for. Don’t offer small perks that have no great value.

Reward programs are great to boost motivation. When you reward an employee for his stellar work, other workers take it as an inspiration. They try to deliver the same level of output to gain the same rewards.

4)   Be Fair

The company management needs to be just and fair. Don’t let discrimination and nepotism come in the way. A sense of favoritism can be detrimental to a happy working atmosphere. Treat all your employees equally. Provide equal growth opportunities to all.

A leader never shows his preference for a specific employee because this leads to hatred among the workforce. Being fair to all is essential to promote ethical organizational culture.

According to research, employees trust organizations that treat them equally. They enjoy working with each other without having a feeling of hatred against anyone working in the company.

You may have employees from different ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds. Allow them to work together in a productive environment. Never let them feel bad for their skin, religion, or background.

5)   Make Workspace Green

Making a workspace green doesn’t mean having a green interior. Try to use office plants as they help in creating a wonderful working environment and leave a nice impression on the minds of your workforce.

There is a wide range of office plants that you can use to give life to dead spots. Studies have shown miscellaneous benefits of having different plants in the office. Some of the key advantages include reducing stress levels, increasing productivity, enhancing mood, reducing noise, and boosting creativity.

Aside from appealing benefits, there are proven scientific benefits of having plants in the office.

       Natural indoor plants release a good amount of oxygen to facilitate comfortable breathing

       The air inside the office becomes clear of toxins and air pollutants

       Office plants can absorb carbon dioxide

       They help boost focus and sharp thinking

       Natural plants reduce anxiety and encourage creativity

Some of the most commonly used office plants include Bromeliads, Aglaonema, Peace Lily, Ficus Benjamina, snake plants, air plants, rubber plants, and Philodendron. You can visit the nursery in person and grab some cool indoor plants to boost creativity and productivity.

6)   Have a Natural Light Office

Several studies have proved that a natural light office helps maintain a good level of productivity. It helps in achieving employee satisfaction by improving sleeping patterns and making them feel great. Furthermore, natural light aids in controlling the required level of Vitamin D.

Research has shown some of the great benefits of sunlight. Some of the worth-mentioning advantages include reduced headaches, good quality sleep, low chances of errors, decreased drowsiness, work satisfaction, and better productivity.

The modern architectural designs ensure that natural light can reach every corner of the office. However, if you think that your office doesn’t have enough sunlight, it’s okay to install LED lights.

7)   Encourage Collaborative Working

If you want to improve the productivity of your staff, then foster a collaborative working environment. Google, being the king of the online world, uses collaborative work settings. Their offices are not divided into different sections according to the experience level of staff members. Newbies and experts work altogether in collaborative spaces.

This kind of environment is great for sharing experiences and finding instant solutions to resolve problems. The world’s leading organizations are now focusing on creating collaborative workspaces where their workforce can work cooperatively to achieve common organizational goals.

One of the top reasons why companies emphasize a collaborative working environment is that it helps in making their employees feel equal. They can work from a single space and reach out to each other without any hesitation.

8)   Organize Social Activities

Organizing social activities is one of the best ways to make your employees happy. They feel great when doing fun things together. There are so many team-building activities that you can opt for.

You can arrange a cultural night or a picnic party.  You can also plan a company tour to points of tourist attractions in other states or countries based on your recreational budget. These sorts of activities motivate team members to communicate with each other. They interact with each other outside the official organizational environment.

Social interactions among the workforce can help create a productive working atmosphere. They can reach out to each other as and when required. In this way, employees can work collectively to accomplish company goals.

9)   Build a Positive Company Culture

If you want your staff members to feel happy, let them mix in a positive company culture. Don’t let it be too formal where socializing is a sin.

Many big organizations accept the fact that a fun working environment can bring better results. You can take the example of Facebook. They encourage socializing with each other at the workplace.

This sort of workplace attitude is great to learn from others. Employees can benefit from the experience and knowledge of their colleagues. Hence, they will be able to add value to your products or services.

If you are a company owner, don't look like a boss. Be a leader who always leads his workers from the front. You can get inspiration from Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. They don’t like being traditional bosses. Instead, they like being an inspiration to their teams. They have gained success through maximizing the staff's wellbeing and productivity.

10)          Offer Free Food

We all love healthy and delicious food, right? What if you get that for nothing? That sounds pretty awesome.

All tech giants such as Google know the great reason behind offering free foodstuff. They understand that employees’ happiness and productivity can reach the next level when they satisfy their appetite with a favorite food.

Treat your staff with a diet full of nutrients, so that they can work dedicatedly without feeling hungry. Offering a nice range of free organic diets will make your employees feel gratified.  By doing so you can also ensure the good health of your workers.

There are tremendous benefits of good office food including job satisfaction, productivity enhancement, increased motivation, and better performance.


Achieving organizational goals is not possible without ensuring employee wellbeing. They are the people who can make or break your company. If you take care of them, they will take care of your business. That’s the reason why the happiness of your workforce is crucial to increase overall productivity.

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